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Wedding Photo Booths Move Over – Have Your Guest Shoot Some Super 8 Film!

Wedding Photo Booths Move Over – Have Your Guest Shoot Some Super 8 Film!

It’s Wedding Season, and for all those couples planning for their big day , here is a really cool thing you should check out. If you want to do something outrageously fun at your wedding, and the excitement of the photo booth props is feeling a little stale, why not try having the guests shoot some Super 8 film? They will have a blast being the Director or Cinematographer, getting friends to capture memorable sequences of the guests for the bride and groom.

Super 8 Film has been a sustainable wedding media choice among forward thinking Wedding Videographers for decades. (check out the stunning work of A Bryant Photo and Nostalgia Films who love the sustainably cool look of real film). Amazing highlights are captured, edited and put to music as part of documenting the big day. By going one step further and having multiple cameras with multiple people shooting, you are able to have material that could not have been captured any other way. It is so raw and organic and fun!

First introduced in 1965 by Eastman Kodak, generations of family weddings have been captured on Super 8 Film, a consumer friendly cartridge filled with 50 feet of material easily loaded into a super 8 camera. Prior to this, the format was 8mm, introduced in 1932, but a little more difficult for the amateur to load and expose properly.  For todays Bride and Groom. there is something magical about having wedding footage on the same material that has been used for generations as part of your family legacy.

At Pro8mm, we have a very simple to use, consumer friendly camera called THE RHONDA CAM. You can purchase one for $395, or rent 4 of them for your wedding for $200. We can also help you customize the camera with a personal “skin” when you rent 12 or more or an additional charge.

Along with the cameras, you will need the film. Each roll only lasts 2 ½ – 3  minutes ( depending which speed you shoot at) , so you will  need to tell you guests that each shot they capture should be about 15 second,  then pass the camera on to the next person who would like to shoot.

Don’t forget your clap slate to add to the fun!

After the film has been shot it has to be developed at our lab. The footage is transferred to digital, and then put on a hard drive so it can be edited. Editing the raw footage is where the magic happens. You can add music, titles and have fun with it.  A perfect gift for everyone at the wedding that can be put up on YouTube, Facebook and shared!

A 4 roll film package starts at $289, and can be upgraded to higher resolutions such for an additional charge.

So what are you waiting for? See if one of our basic packages fits in your budget. Last I checked on  photo booths, a basic package was $500.

For a Super 8 Wedding shoot, the prie is about the same!  All in the cost is

$498 for 4 camera and 4 rolls of film, with processing, scanning, upload

$957 for 8 cameras and 8 rolls of film, processing scanning, uploads

$1420 for 12 cameras with 12 rolls of film, processing, scanning upload

For more information contact Pro8mm 818-848-5522 or email We  ship worldwide

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