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Outdated Film Stock Processing and Scanning



Price $115 per roll

Discontinued films such as the ever popular Kodachrome 40 film can still be processed using alternative chemicals. This isn’t a regular process and only a few labs are able to accommodate this because certain chemistries have to be recreated. Keep in mind that the film we are processing is generally long past its 'process before' date. Processing is done on a 'best attempt' basis; results can range based on a variety of factors such as storage conditions and age of film.

What's included:

  • Film will be processed in alternative chemistry as a black and white negative (it can not be projected.)
  • Film will be scanned to digital using our Basic Scan (click here for a full scan description)
  • The digital file will be uploaded to the internet and emailed to you
  • The original film will be returned to you via first class mail
Please note, turn around time is 3-4 months. Processing is done on a best attempt basis. Does not include sound. 

Outdated stocks include the following types of Super 8, Regular 8 and/or 16mm:

  • Kodachrome 40
  • Kodachrome II
  • Kodachrome II Type A
  • Kodak Ektachrome 160 Type A or G
  • Moviechome
  • Fujichrome

Terms and Conditions (please read):

1. Turnaround time is 3-4 months. Processing is done on a ‘best attempt’ basis and there is no guarantee of an image. 

2. Even if we are unable to salvage any kind of image at all from your motion film (any format), you will be billed the minimum charge. Typically about 80% of film comes back with a 'useable' image. Storage conditions and age of film as well as other factors all play into the image quality you could receive.

3. Additional shipping may be added for bulk orders (more than 3 rolls)

4. All film is inspected visually for image after processing. It is not always possible, even with magnification, to determine if what we see on the film will have enough detail to be captured in transfer.  Our policy is to transfer a film if we deem the image discernible on some part of the film.  The final transferred image quality may still be extremely poor; we err on the side of providing the customer with all possible salvaged image. If we detect any image on your film it will be transferred regardless of quality or quantity.

5. Please check your scans in a timely manner to make sure everything is playing properly on whatever system you are using. Due to the volume of work we do and the huge files that scans create, we cannot store files indefinitely. We allow a reasonable amount of time to be confident orders are received by customers.  The drives we store backups on are cleared after 1 month. 

For more information, check out our blog post, Understanding Super 8 Film Stocks - What To Do with a Discontinued Roll of Film that was Never Shot or Never Developed.


Shipping & Pickup Turn Around:
Web Orders shipping via Fedex received by 2pm PST will ship out same day. All US Mail orders will ship within 2 business days, excluding holidays. **Pro8mm cameras are made to order, and may take 1-2 weeks. Fedex is recommended on all camera purchases. If your product is out of stock you will be notified by a sales team member within 24 hours.

In store pickup is available at our Burbank, CA location and may be selected during checkout. A sales team member will contact you when your order is ready for pickup.

Pro8mm uses standard Fedex delivery including ground, priority overnight, standard overnight, 2-day, express saver, international, and Saturday delivery, and standard USPS options such as Priority Mail and First Class Mail. Standards rates will apply depending on what you select on your online order or work order form. All items are shipped using the clients’ specified services to the clients’ specified address. All products ship with Fedex include signature required. Client that request package be delivered without a signature are responsible for tracking and delivery. For large orders, time sensitive orders or items of extreme value, Fedex is always recommended.

Hard Drives: 
We require that you bring in or ship your hard drive to Pro8mm at the time your film is received for scanning. If you do not have a drive, you can purchase one from Pro8mm. A $25 shuttle fee will be charged for all jobs that do not have a drive at the time the scan is completed. 

Refund / Return Policy:
Pro8mm has a no refund/no return policy. All sales are final. We regret that we cannot exchange any film stock for a different stock once it has left our facility. This is so we can ensure the highest possible standards of quality control.

Packaging Your Items:
If you purchased a service online and are sending items to Pro8mm (such as camera repair, film to digital transfer, or un-processed film to be developed), please included a copy of your web order in the package. Please carefully package items. If you are sending un-processed film, please write DO NOT X-RAY on the outside of the package. We will use the shipping option you selected at checkout to return the items back to you.

Due to our high volume of orders, we do not contact clients when your package arrives unless we have a question about your order. Standard turn around times vary by product. Please see Turn Around Times for details. We recommend services with signature required and a tracking number to ensure confirmation of delivery.

Please send your items to:
Attention: Sales Team at Pro8mm
2805 West Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA 91505

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