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Film Services With Sprocket

Meet Sprocket

Your new best friend to help get your film processed and scanned

Sprocket is the newest member of the Pro8mm team; a virtual assistant designed to make the complexities of film post production easy enough for everyone to enjoy!

By filling out a Sprocket form, you can choose the creativity that best fits the needs of your project. Options include turn around speed, file size, framing, color grading file delivery method, shipping and more!

Sprocket has 5 entry points based on the 5 most common areas Pro8mm offers in our customer support. Invoice is automatically calculated at checkout.

Process / Scan a Prepaid Film Package 

If you bought film from Pro8mm and pre-paid for processing and scanning, start here. Original film purchase order # and email required.

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Process / Scan Super 8 or 16mm Film 

Chemically process and digitally scan any Kodak film or another film brand (Orwo, Agfa) etc. Enter for Super 8 or 16mm.

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Process / Scan a Prepaid Film Kit

Process and Scan a prepaid Pro8mm Film Kit after filming. A basic scan included, upgrade options available at checkout.

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Archival and Home Movie Film Scanning

Film that has already been chemically processed and needs scanning. We scan Regular 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm. Home movie discount.

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Outdated & Obscure Film Services

Process and scan outdated film stocks such as Kodachrome 40, Ektachrome 160.) This is a special process for films that are no longer manufactured.

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Sprocket Scanning Demos

Check out these demo videos of some of Sprocket's scanning capabilities such as framing options, color timing, resolutions, and more.

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How to Choose which Film Service Sprocket Form is Right for You

This video will walk you through the 5 Sprocket options and which one to choose

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How to Fill out your Film Service Sprocket Form

This video will walk you through how to fill out a Sprocket form.

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A Sprocket form is required for each Film Service job.

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