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Below you'll find a collection of useful resources to help in your filmmaking journey.

2023 Price Sheet

Our annually updated price sheet which covers all of our services.

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2023 Scan Film to Digital Price Sheet

Our annually updated price sheet which covers scanning film to digital for archival and legacy footage

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Shot Your Film - Next Steps

Sprocket has 5 entry points based on the 5 most common areas Pro8mm offers in customer support.

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File Size Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how much storage you need for your film.

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Framing Options

See the 4 unique framing options you have for scanning

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Scanning Film to Digital

Learn more about the history and process of our film scanning services.

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Sprockets Scanning Demos

A collection of videos of our Digital Mastering Options

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Super 8 Reference Library

Check out all the times Pro8mm was in the news!

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Kodak Film Calculator

A link to Kodak's Film Calculator (opens in new tab).

Camera Manuals

How to use our popular Rhondacam and Pro814 cameras.

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Check out some of our educational resources.

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Meta Data

Meta data archives.

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