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Client Stories

Meet some of our Super 8 and 16mm filmmakers! We interviewed some of our outstanding clientle who have been an inspiration to us and who have had a creative influence on others. From fashion, to weddings, hit television shows, film schools and everything in between, Super 8 and 16mm finds a place of authenticity and creativy. They share some their journey and inspriation with you!

Benjo Arwas | Los Angeles

"Anybody can take a picture with their digital phone or camera. But with film, I need to put a bit more thinking. My clients love film for its authenticity."

Liza Voloshin | New York

"My childhood dreams didn’t include filmmaking as a possibility. But the first thing my heart told me was to get a Pro8mm camera. I never looked back."

Ivan Corderio | Brazil

"My legacy as a filmmaker is to show new generations what existed before. Super 8 is iconic cinema. I want to leave my memory impressed on film."

Todd Banhazl, ASC. & Justin Cameron | Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

"From our very first conversation about the script, we knew that the show was going to bring real archival and that we would be re-creating famous moments from the time period. The Super 8 came up because we wanted a way to blur the line between what was actual and what we were re-creating. "

Logan Rice | Los Angeles

"Everyone is use to seeing cinema quality. Having a vintage feel is eye catching. Once I did the real thing, I will never use a filter again."

Dan Jacobo- Film Professor

"Super 8 is a secret weapon, for how to tell stories. Pro8mm has the uncanny ability to evolve and apply current technologies into the whole processing of Super 8."