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Pro8mm - Your Super 8 Experts

Serving Filmmakers and Families since 1972, Pro8mm is a company known worldwide for supporting the local and global film community. We have a specialized niche for small format filmmaking for over 50 years. Content creators, archivists, historians and anyone who wants to support analog filmmaking can come to Pro8mm for reliable equipment, top quality services and expert technical support.

About Pro8mm

Pro8mm Products & Services

A one-stop shop for Super 8 cameras, film, lab services and technical support for analog filmmaking. 

Meet Sprocket

Process & Scan Services

When you are ready to process & scan your Super 8 or 16mm film Sprocket is here to help with the process! Sprocket has 5 entry points. Choose the one that best fits your project.


Buy Film

Super 8 & 16mm Film Packages

Save time and money when you bundle film, processing and scanning to digital with one of our all-inclusive packages. After filming, film goes directly from the lab to the scanning suite to optimize quality and turn-around time. Super 8mm and 16mm.

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Buy, Repair or Rent

Super 8 Cameras

Pro8mm is the world experts in Super 8 camera rebuilding and servicing Super 8 Cameras. Each camera is rebuilt from scratch by our team with decades of experience. Buy, Repair or Rent one of our 3 distinct models.

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Archives & Home Movies

Scan Legacy Film to Digital

One size does not fit all when it comes to scanning film. Whether it is your entire archive of home movies or 1 special 50' treasure, we apply the same workflow, quality, and integrity as if they were our own precious memories. When you master your production or home movie films at Pro8mm, you know your films are handled the way professionals handle their personal and professional media. 


Archival Film Scanning

Pro8mm is Where Film on Film Begins

Liza Voloshin | New York

"My childhood dreams didn’t include filmmaking as a possibility. But the first thing my heart told me was to get a Pro8mm camera. I never looked back."

Ivan Cordeiro | Brazil

"My legacy as a filmmaker is to show new generations what existed before. Super 8 is iconic cinema. I want to leave my memory impressed on film."

Benjo Arwas | Los Angeles

"Anybody can take a picture with their digital phone or camera. But with film, I need to put a bit more thinking. My clients love film for its authenticity."

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It's Wedding Season- Essential Tips Every Super 8 Wedding Filmmaker Should Know

It’s officially wedding season, and here at Pro8mm, we have seen a huge up-tick in the number of weddings being shot on super 8 film. With the noticeable increase of...

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Updated Protocols To Serve You Better

We've updated our protocols due to the high demand of Pro8mm film services. This comes with both Good News and some Not Such Good News. Long gone are the days...

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Everyone is Talking About The “Cool Factor” of the Winning Time Season 2 Cinematography

The Pro8mm team could not wait to see what the Winning Time Team would pull out of their bag of tricks for the highly anticipated, multi-format Season 2.  As we...

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The Party of the Half Century - Pro8mm Turns 50!

As we took 2022 to celebrate our 50 years in business, there were certainly mainly highlights, reflections,  revelations, realizations, and celebrations. The highlight was the joy we had in hosting our anniversary...

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Sprocket's Moving Picture Show

Sprocket's Moving Picture Show, A Demo or Black and White Film

We have always wanted a gorgeous black and white film demo that shows how powerful this traditional, iconic , time honored reversal stock could look when properly shot, processed and scanned....

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Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty : Now Streaming on HBO MAX

In 2019, a team from HBO contacted us to process and scan some test rolls they shot on Super 8 film for for the unnamed “Lakers Project” we now know as Winning...

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