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Updated Protocols To Serve You Better

Updated Protocols To Serve You Better 

The Good News/ Not Such Good News 

Long gone are the days when we can process and scan your film within 1 to 3 days due to the volume of people shooting on Super 8 and 16mm!  Isn’t it fantastic?   We are so honored that we continue to be your trusted lab for over 50 years, and are so grateful for the amazing things you create, your loyalty and your referrals!

The truth is, we can physically only process a maximum number of rolls a day, and even though we occasionally will do a double shift, it really isn’t considered a best practice.  This is because of the quality control measurers we have in place to make sure your film is developed with the best chemistry. It takes time to do this testing and clean the machines properly. Due to the current high volume of orders, turn around times are running 5 to 7 business days. This starts after you receive an email that your film has been logged into our system.  Rush services are available, and are fee based. Typically, you will get an email confirmation within 72 hours of your film being logged into our system, and another email when the digitized files have been sent to you. A tracking number will be emailed if we are shipping anything back to you.

The good news is we no longer need to be fearful that film is going away anytime soon.  We now process hundreds of more rolls a month then we did 10 years ago.  Fantastic!

The bad news is many of the cameras which have now been on the market for 40 to 50 years are failing due to lack of maintenance.  Can you imagine driving a 50 year old car that has not been regularly maintained?  We see many blank rolls every month because so many cameras may not be advancing the film properly. This makes us SO SAD!  This coupled with a basic, lack of vetted info about how these analog cameras work have user errors are at an all time high. This is in due in part to filmmaking not being taught in film school as it once was.  As a result, Pro8mm can not be responsible for user errors or cameras that do not advance the film.  And this is disappointing for you as well as us because we want you to have a great analog experience!  When a roll comes in, we have to do the work to log in your order, prep and process the film, scan and upload it.  These are hard costs of material and labor which is why we can not refund blank or partially shot rolls.  We can only encourage you to learn a little more, get your camera issues sorted, and we will support you in your journey as best we can. 

So, the good news is, we want to help you have the best experience you can with your film project.  A little research goes a long way, and testing your camera before a big event like a wedding, or production is imperative (even if you buy the camera from a thrift shop or on eBay and the seller says it works perfectly ). This means you will have to invest in shooting a roll of film to see if the camera actually works, pulls focus and is advancing film. 

Here is a video we LOVE from Noah Henderson’s ANALOG RESURGENCE YOU TUBE CHANNEL on how to test your camera.  There are so many more videos from Noah that will enhance your basic film education and even more on the Pro8mm website, YouTube Channel and blogs.  Invaluable tips on how to clean out a hair in the gate of your camera so you do not see that nasty bit of black gunk on the frame,  how to prevent your film from fogging by simply not putting it in your checked luggage when flying, how to focus and make sure you do not close the aperture on the camera which would prevent any light from getting in, and how to insure you chose the correct film for your lighting conditions. 


Meet Sprocket ( if you have not yet been introduced! )  


To insure there are no delays to your job,  please make sure a Sprocket Work Order with e-signature has been submitted when you send in film for processing and scanning. This can be found as the third link under the Film Services tab on our website. Sprocket will help you calculate your file size, select normal or rush turn around  or have your files sent online via Global Access. Please note we can not take specs via email or over the phone.  Make sure you include all your contact information inside the package. If you paid for rush services, make sure you mark that on the outside of your package in big red letters RUSH with your order number.

We've made 2 new tutorials on how to fill out the Sprocket forms!  

How to Choose a Sprocket Form:

How to Fill Out a Sprocket Form:

 The good news is we care about your project and who has access to it.  In order to protect the integrity of your material and our liability, we can not share your files or ship your  processed film or hard drive  from our lab to anyone other than the client who ordered the services.  This includes editors, talent, production team members,  3rd party vendors, or the filmmaker’s client. This policy protects everyone. 

More Good News!   You now have the option to get a second digital master at 50% off if we do the scans simultaneously.  Please ask one of our team members for details.  Choose from a basic, advanced or ultimate transfer up to 6.5 K. Select a  log scan with or without Rec 709 color correction to a number of codecs, including  mp4,  pro res 422, 444 or H.Q., D.P.X.  or Tiff files.   You can have your image  framed, matted, over-scanned, or full format overscan that shows the frames edges and sprockets.  Please note that all specs  have to be chosen on your Sprocket form.  We can not accept or change specs over the phone or via email. 

The bad news is due to the limited number of  camera techs on our team and availability of replacement parts, we can only repair the same cameras we sell.

There are hundreds of camera models on the used market, and the cost to repair many of them  can exceed the cost of finding another camera in good working condition.

 The good news is orders for the Rhonda Cam, Rhonda Cam Deluxe and Pro814 can generally be filled fairly quickly, but need to be prepaid in order to get you in the queue.  These cameras have all been refurbished by our experienced camera techs and have been camera tested with film, and come with a 90 day warranty (as long as the camera has not been dropped or is water or sand damaged).  Extended warranties are available.


Purchases, repairs and full restorations to the Classic Pro have a longer wait time.  Please discuss your needs with a team member and see if we can supply you with a rental as an option.

The good news is if you can’t decide what digital output  to scan to or what film stock to choose,  we have so many  blogs and videos on our  website and YouTube channels to make sure you get the best possible results. A little research can go a long way!   Think about how you plan to show the material and how much digital information you need.

Make sure you understand the difference between a best light and a log scan with or with out color correction and what film stock to choose for your indoor or outdoor production.  

Need some creative inspiration?  The Good News is our clients provide you with their awesome projects.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram , Vimeo and YouTube to see cutting edge spots for  TV shows, music videos, major brands, gorgeous weddings and lifestyle films that we processed and. scanned.  Some of our recent projects include HBO’s Winning Time, season 1 & 2, Daisy Jones and the 6, and the Jesus Revolution, now showing  on streaming platforms.  Remember to tag us when YOU post your finished Pro8mm project and we might select your work to be featured in a blog.  

Did you find an old roll in a shoe box that was never developed?  The Good News is you found a treasure! The bad news is that it can only be cross processed and developed as a black and white negative.  But the good news is, We’ve Got You!  We can have your film processed, scan it and send you the file over the internet.  This special processing only happens a few times a year, so turn around times can be up to 3 months.  You can read about our outdated and obscure film services here 

When it comes to your one and only home movie collection and legacy footage  Pro8mm is the trusted source for properly handling your aged film.  The good news is you will get back your originals as a proper archive. We will properly clean it, repair splices, and return your material on archival safe reels for long term preservation.  Now you can scan up to 6.5 K, and return the scanned files to you on a drive.  We revive the past 100 years scanning your material on our state of the art scanners.   Our archival work regularly appears on television and in major motion pictures.  Ask about our discounts for unscheduled scanning which can render an up to 8 week turn around time.

GREAT NEWS  Dedicated to the art and science of sustaining filmmaking on film, we are proud of our technical contributions that have kept super 8 and 16mm film accessible in a digital world. Pro8mm has been recognized by many industry groups and organizations, and are proud to be members of the ASC - The American Society of Cinematographers.  Our goal is to assist and inspire newcomers and experienced filmmakers alike to have a rewarding experience when shooting Super 8 and 16mm film.

Now in our 51st year, our family business will continue with the next generation when Phil and Rhonda hand over the reins to their daughter Jaclyn and her husband Mike in the coming years. We remain a family owned and operated company with a small but AMAZING dedicated team. We look forward to serving you and your filmmaking needs for years to come!

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