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Pro8mm Announces Lens Services For The New Kodak Super 8 Camera

February, 2024 Burbank, CA. 

For Immediate Release From Pro8mm

Pro8mm Announces Lens Services For The New Kodak Super 8 Camera


Pro8mm is now offering lens services for the new Kodak Super 8 Camera which was released late last year.  For those looking to enhance their C mount lens option for the camera, we are offering the Angenieux 8-64mm lens with collimation and installation for the Kodak Super 8 Camera. This greatly enhances the creative options, sharpness and image quality the camera can capture. 

All our Angenieux lenses are rebuilt, optically cleaned, and re-lubricated.  The reason we can restore this lens is that it has the  traditional non coated glass which has amazing optical quality and can not be destroyed by fungus and mold the way modern coated glass can be. 

The lens was specifically designed for Cinematography (not robotics), and has an extensive focus range of 3 feet to Infinity.  This includes a Macro Function that can focus as close as 1 mm from the lens. 

The benefit to the filmmaker for this upgrade is that you are getting one of the best lenses that was ever designed for the super 8 format on your brand new Kodak Camera.  The Angenieux 8-64mm lens is known to have the optimal focal lengths and superior image capturing because of the legendary Angenieux Advanced Glass Technology.

The focal length of the 8-64mm zoom was custom designed to be ideal for the Super 8 film size frame and will not vignette with the Max 8 (16:9 image capture ) frame.  For those unfamiliar with this artifact, it is when there is a darkening in the corner of the 16:9 frame.

This product includes the lens, collimation and installation services, specifically for the new Kodak Super 8 Camera for $1,495. ( return shipping not included | Camera not included) 

 Angenieux Lens with Collimation for Kodak Camera

Collimation And Why It Is Important

While the new Kodak Super 8 camera comes from the factory with the ability to accept any C mount lens, when you swap out the lens it is  often not optimized if it is not collimated. Collimation services can  optimize the lens for your particular camera body making it the very best it can be . 

Without collimation, images may not be optimally focused if you do not check and adjust the collimation of the lens. At Pro8mm, we put your camera and lens up on a lens collimation machine to make critical adjustments to match it perfectly to your camera body. This is true of all cameras that have interchangeable lenses, including our Classic Pro. We are going to adjust your new  Angenieux 8-64mm lens to be a perfect match to that camera’s body, which means if you want to put the factory lens back on, you can and there will be no change to your camera.  The adjustment we do is only to the new Angenieux lens.

Please note, the camera must be sent to Pro8mm for collimation services. Once the camera arrives we can generally complete the work within 2 weeks.  Return shipping is not included.

This service for the Kodak Super 8 Camera will soon be available for the Schneider 6:66 lenses as well once we complete Beta Testing.


For more information , please  email or call us at 818-848-5522