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The Party of the Half Century - Pro8mm Turns 50!


As we took 2022 to celebrate our 50 years in business, there were certainly mainly highlights, reflections,  revelations, realizations, and celebrations.

The highlight was the joy we had in hosting our anniversary gala at a private club  that was nearly a year in the planning.  Our guests included many clients, vendors,  employees past and present,  friends and family.  The  celebration ceremony was an opportunity to  recognize and personally thank some of the people who have had such a huge part in contributing to the Pro8mm legacy.  Our hearts were full of pride and gratitude as Phil and Rhonda could personally say a few words about so many who helped contribute to the companies success.

Speakers included Award winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner of Inteloper Films who has done numerous  projects with us since the early days of her career and Professor of Cinematography Daniel Jacobo of Chaffey College who gave heartfelt accolades to Phil and Rhonda and the impact Pro8mm has had on their own careers.

Watch the speeches here: Pro8mm Anniversary Speeches

Along with the company gala,  it was also Phils’s 65th birthday.   While we were  sure everyone was waiting for an announcement of retirement, that did not come to pass, and it was a joyful moment with thunderous applauses when they gave the Diamond Legacy Award to their daughter Jaclyn Melo and her husband Mike, who have been running the company along side Phil and Rhonda for 11 years. 

Throughout the party, various reels played on the monitors that highlighted some of Pro8mm’s work, including many of the music videos, theatrical releases, tv shows and reels that Pro8mm has worked on. 

It has been an honor to serve the analog film community for 50 years, and we are grateful to our clients and to those will be able to continue the Pro8mm legacy.

(c) Pro8mm 2022