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Everyone is Talking About The “Cool Factor” of the Winning Time Season 2 Cinematography

The Pro8mm team could not wait to see what the Winning Time Team would pull out of their bag of tricks for the highly anticipated, multi-format Season 2.  As we met with Cinematographers Todd Banhazl, ASC, and  Justin Cameron, SOC, for preproduction discussions regarding what new toys they could incorporate after an astronomical amount of Super 8 was shot for Season 1 (over 1,200 rolls), we have been overjoyed to see what made the cut!

Camera Operator Justin Cameron,  Photo Credit: Warrick Page 

Seldom does anyone use the sync sound capability in our Classic Pro, which for decades was the way all double system super 8 filmmaking was done  using full coat audio tape (The Fullcoat Record was the first product invented by the company in 1972,when we were called Super8 Sound.) This eventuated into shooting in sync using dat audio recorders to achieve the sync sound at 24 fps with a  crystal control in both the camera and recorder  

But there it was in Episode 1, used in several sequences showing just how far the cinematographers were willing to go to create something quite unique.  Even the cast and crew felt like they were creating an art piece, as the interview we found on the website CONSEQUENCE reveals.

See what the cast and crew has to say:  

Cinematographer Todd Banhazl, ASC with the Rhonda Cam

As we watched episode 3 this week, we saw that there were many  fantastic shots  that utilized Cinemascope, alternating from Super 8 to 16mm.  For the Super 8 we fitted an anamorphic lens to the Classic Pro  using a 2:23 anamorphic adapter to the Angenieux 8:6 4 lens.  The  feedback we got was  that while the lens was difficult to use, the results were stellar, and definitely worth the effort.  Watch the show and see for yourself!

2 Classic Pro Pro8mm' Cameras, top right 

We can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds, and what these Cinematographers do to make this a highly unusual show something everyone’s talking about because it is  shot on film! 

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Photo Credits: HBO, Warrick Page, Todd Banhazl