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Rhonda CAM Super 8 Camera

Rhonda CAM Super 8 Camera

The Rhonda CAM is Pro8mm’s complete restoration and adaptation of the Canon 310 XL.

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About the Rhonda CAM Super 8 Camera

With its “toy-like” appearance and petite size, the Rhonda CAM is the world’s most personal point-and-shoot Super 8 camera. The Rhonda CAM is perfect for:

  • Preserving important family milestones on film- film is the only true archival medium that will last for generations to enjoy
  • Indoor and outdoor events in low light conditions
  • An in-expensive back-up camera for production work
  • Photos! The Rhonda CAM’s single-frame shooting capability allows the Rhonda CAM to take 3, 600 still photos on a single roll of film!
  • Small and light weight enough to fit into a purse or small back-pack to capture events anywhere!

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The Rhonda CAM Super 8 Camera Features

  • Custom skin appearance in a variety of trendy patterns
  • 18fps filming speed and singe-frame shooting capabilities
  • Power/Manual Zoom
  • Petite size (7″ x 4 ½” x 1 ¾”)
  • Light weight body, weighing only ½ a pound
  • Auto exposure with a range of ASA

Additional Rhonda CAM Deluxe Features

  • Additional 9 fps shooting speeds
  • F stop scale in the viewfinder with the ability to lock a given exposure
  • Split screen focusing
  • Locking Ring in the Diopter

The Rhonda CAM Lens Features

  • Built in Canon 8.5- 25.5mm zoom lens
  • F1.0 auto controlled aperture, making it the lowest light film camera on the market
  • Recollimated and realigned optics
  • Repaired and relubricated mechanics on the body

Additional Rhonda CAM Deluxe Lens Featuress

  • Built in Canon 9-45mm zoom lens
  • F1.4 – 32 auto aperturet


Where to Buy

The Rhonda CAM is now also available at several photographic retailers around the country including:



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Introducing the Super 8 Film Kit!

Pro8mm, the leading experts in Super 8 film, introduces The Super 8 Film Kit, a user-friendly product that simplifies and consolidates the experience of shooting on analog movie film and bringing it into today’s digital world. Each kit includes one 50-foot cartridge of Super 8 film, a prepaid mailer to send the film back to our lab for processing, professional scanning of the film to digital files, email delivery of the files for viewing and sharing, and the analog reel for long-term future access.

The Super 8 Film Kit Comes in 3 Versions:

  • Color: Hi-Resolution Color Negative Film best used in bright interiors or in average daylight (200 ASA Tungsten Balanced)
  • Bright Sun: Hi-resolution color negative film best used in bright outdoor conditions. 50 ASA Daylight Balanced.
  • Low Light: Hi-resolution color negative film best used in low light conditions such as interiors or early evening daylight. 500 ASA Tungsten Balanced.

That’s How we Roll!

The Super 8 Film Kit is designed for you to give Super 8 a try. Visit the enhancement page to enhance your kit for production use or other specifications.

Super 8 Film Kit $88.88

super 8 film kit


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