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Try One, Have Fun “Mining the Archive for Visual Treasure"

"Try One, Have Fun" is a new program we devised to help you have an experience with all that is happening with film re-mastering.  This is a great thing to do if you have archival footage and are looking to check out how new workflows and technology can work for you.

We have lowered the scan minimum to just one 50’ roll of 8mm or Super 8 film  (100’ for 16mm). This gives you an opportunity to experience how a modern scan of 8mm or Super 8 can improved the appearance of your footage.  For just $31.00 you can see this for yourself with your images which is the only true way to see if this rescan program is for you.  In addition, we have dropped the price of Global Access delivery to $5.00 for up to 1 gig.  So for $36.00 you can now prep, scan and have your files internet delivered.  We know your are going to love getting your film instantly after the scan is complete, whether you are across town or across the globe.  You can add the return by mail option and have a single roll prepped, scanned, file delivered to you over the internet and your film returned for $41.00 (Domestic price only. International prices will vary.)  With so many of us at home, this is the time to explore the modern Super 8 Experience. Purchase this on line! Scan Film to Digital.

Along with the quality aspect of a re-scanning your archive, we are also offering new choices of scanning so you can explore new ways to create your archival  footage.  Many applications are now using a “Re-Framed” version of archival materials. These new looks give new creative space. These are upgrades to our Basic Scan offer,  but still incredibly reasonable with just one roll. Maybe you want to try Overscan or Full Format Overscan or even Overscan with the New 4X4 framing designed for Instagram and Social Media.

There is a major shift in the mindset we once had about the frame and how viewers want to experience Super 8 images.  Also, now you scan your images with the same digital frame rate as your original which will maintain the smooth image motion your film has when projected, and maintain the image resolution in your scan, avoiding any undesirable artifacts of traditional film to video transfers.   All these upgrades and more including Scanning in 2K resolution are available under our Production Scan option which are just $19.00 more than our Basic Scan.

What about 4K. How will your Super 8 movie look streaming over the internet in 4K Resolution? The 4K Upgrade us part of our Advanced Scan and a $31.50 upgrade to a Basic Scan.  Well, there is only one way to find out and that is to experience it for yourself.  TRY ONE, HAVE FUN! Under our Advanced Upgrades you can take 8mm into the realm of the 4K experience.  Until you see this for yourself your will just never know how good your 8mm and Super 8 really is.    

Lastly if your just as crazy as we are about Super 8, you might just want to take the Ultimate Experience and scan your image in 6.5K or try using DPX files. Or maybe see if HDR Scanning really has something to offer.  We can show you demo’s all day long but the only real way to see this is for yourself with your footage . All we can do is our best effort to make it the most economical for you to have the experience.

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