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The Super 8 Film Summit Workshop! Climb to the Top of your Super 8 Game!

The Super 8 Film Summit 3-Day Workshop! Climb to the Top of Your Super 8 Game! October 19-21, 2012

Pro8mm, of Burbank, CA is announcing their 3rd annual live Super 8 filmmaking weekend workshop! With a fresh new style, Pro8mm is taking you out of the classroom and onto the set. We have evolved our traditional boot camp style workshop into an intimate hands-on learning experience.  Give film a shot through hands-on Super 8 shooting with the experts!
Grab your Super 8 movie camera and get ready to watch, learn, and practice your Super 8 filmmaking. With some essential tips, tricks, and guidance from our expert Super 8 filmmakers and trainers, 30 like-minded Super 8 enthusiasts will get the opportunity to spend a weekend learning how to successful successfully shoot Super 8 film in a production-style capacity and incorporate it into a modern day state of the art workflow.
“Essentially, so much has changed over the last few years. In fact, more has changed in filmmaking in the last two years, than the last 10 years.  The world of computers, hard drives, data files and encoding is changing so fast. But analog film still has an important place in our HD digital world.  There are many myths and facts surrounding the never ending film vs. digital debate.  But once you have a grasp on it, you can apply your Super 8 knowledge and shooting skill into that world. My goal for the Super 8 Film Summit is to not only get you up to speed by teaching you the technical information, but the practical knowledge needed to be a great all-around filmmaker and stand out from the competition,” says Phil Vigeant, owner of Pro8mm.


The weekend will kick off with tours of Pro8mm, where the workshop is taking place. You will get to spend some quality time in the processing lab, with the colorists, and the camera techs.

The next two days will be a mix of class-room style sessions, followed by instant field training where you can practice the concepts taught first hand.
“The previous Pro8mm boot camps were great, and so many filmmakers have collaborated and gone on to do amazing things from these events.  But there was a need to put the camera into the filmmaker’s hands.  We decided that our next workshop should to be hands-on, which is why a state of the art 4-roll Super 8 film package is included with every registration. We’ve also had to limit it to 30 people, so that the experts can give each filmmaker individual attention based on their experience level. The Summit isn’t just for new Super 8 filmmakers. Anyone looking to brush up on their skills can benefit from it,” says Vigeant. The weekend will end with a screening of some of the film participants shot, so you can see where you excel and where there is room for improvement.

Throughout the weekend our field experts will take filmmakers around shooting in small groups.  They include cinematographer Laura Merians, who has shot Super 8 spots for Whole Foods, and In Style’s Tia & Tamera, among other projects. Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett, owners of Dolce Films who are award wining filmmakers and screenwriters.  They have done some fantastic Super 8 spots for Smashbox Cosmetics.  And filmmaker David Dibble, a rising Super 8 star who has done outstanding Super 8 work for The Going Green Film Festival, music videos such as PNKYSWR, and more. While these filmmakers also shoot digital, they have learned that digital can’t replace what film can do. And if you want your movies to look like film,  you have to originate on film. They have perfected their craft and are going to teach you the tools that are getting them hired!  The entire weekend will be lead by Super 8 expert Phil Vigeant, owner of Pro8mm who has been running a company that services small format film for over 30 years. He is author of the book “The Power of Super 8 Film.” Credited with inventing Max 8 16×9 shooting, and negative Super 8 film, Phil brings his technical expertise on film stocks, processing, and scanning options, which will be covered in detail at the Super 8 Film Summit.

Concepts you will learn and practice:
-All basic Super 8 camera features and functions; Lenses — ultra wide, telephoto extenders, C-mount vs. fix-mount; Filters; Focus; Exposure; Transport; Off-speed shooting; Anamorphic; Max 8; Stabilization; eBay pos cameras; Specialty cameras; Back-up; Light meter; Testing before shooting; Sync sound, 18 vs. 24 fps, 85 filter. -Types of Super 8 Film Stock — Fuji vs. Kodak; Color temperature — tungsten vs. daylight; Alternative processing methods — DIY hand processing, Cross processing, Skip bleach, Push/pull; Custom film; Regular 8; 200 foot loads; Double Super 8; Screwing up on purpose — Prep. -Different types of scanners pros and cons of each — Rank Cintel Mark 3 digi 4, Y-front Ursa Diamond, Millennium 2, Spirit, Projected on the wall, Frame by frame; Color Correction — Scene by scene vs. one light; What are the P.E.C.s?; Gamma correction; Digital outputs such as 444.422.Prores, 10-bit un-compressed. 1080i vs. 1080 p workflows. Standard Def vs. High Def scanning.
The weekend workshop costs $400. This is an incredible value since you are getting a 4 roll film package as part of the price of admission, which retails at $368.00. Essentially you are getting a 3-day workshop for $32!! You can bring your own Super 8 camera, or borrow one from Pro8mm.
THE SUPER 8 FILM SUMMIT IS LIMITED TO ONLY 30 PEOPLE so that we can keep it intimate and give every filmmaker the opportunity to work closely with our experts.
“My husband and I attended Pro8mm’s Power of Super 8 Film Boot Camp, and those couple of days of instruction and inspiration helped springboard our business! We learned a lot, got to ask questions, and meet other professionals in the industry. It was an essential piece of getting started for us and gave us the confidence to really grow Nostalgia Film.” – Shanna Pharis, Boot Camp Attendee
Click for more info or to register for the Super 8 Film Summit! October 19-21, 2012
The Super 8 Film Summit is presented by Pro8mm
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