The Super 8 Film Summit Weekend Workshop

Climb to the Top of Your Super 8 Game October 19-21, 2012

Pro8mm is announcing their 3rd live Super 8 filmmaking weekend workshop! With a fresh new style, Pro8mm is taking you out of the classroom and onto the set. We have evolved our traditional boot camp style workshop into an intimate hands-on learning experience. Give film a shot through hands-on Super 8 shooting with the experts!


Our Expert Trainers

Our field experts will be taking filmmakers around shooting in small groups. These filmmakers are experts at their craft and are going to teach you the tools that are getting them hired! They know that if you want your movies to look like film, you have to originate on film!

David Dibble

David Dibble: Award-winning filmmaker David Dibble has set himself apart from the others in the industry by being a successful auteur. A David Dibble production showcases distinct personal style via his whimsical view of the world. Over the past decade, David has been Director of Photography on many of his own independent films and commercials, as well as having shot a variety of features, shorts and documentaries for companies such as Warner Bros. and PBS. David says that Super 8 is his favorite format to shoot. He shoots mostly with the Max1014xls with Max 8 and Crystal Sync, and is a master at incorporating Super 8 film into a state of the art workflow. His Super 8 work includes trailers for the Going Green Film Festival, music videos for the band PNKSYWR, and more. Check out more about David at

Laura Merians

Laura Merians: Laura is a cinematographer and director based in Los Angeles and New York City. She started her career in lighting after receiving a degree in Philosophy from UC Berkeley. Laura has worked on projects for Discovery, MTV, VHI, Fox and Sony well as shooting music videos and short films. Her work has been featured in American Cinematographer, Studio Monthly Magazine, Videography Magazine, and Digital Cinematography. She recently finished shooting and directing a series of shorts for Whole Foods on urban farming called GROW and a new series for the Style Network titled Tia and Tamera. Both projects used Super 8! Check out more about Laura at

Daniel and Bayou

Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett of Dolce Films: As an independent filmmaker, Daniel prides himself in creating original, highly visual and meaningful cinema. With wife, and fellow films executive producer Bayou Bennett, he co-wrote the award winning hit comedy, "Text Me" which has traveled around the world to over 15 film festivals and received top honors from execs at Fox, Dreamworks, and New Regency. Super 8 projects include numerous campaigns for Smashbox Cosmetics.  Learn more about Daniel and Bayou at

phil vigeant

Phil Vigeant of Pro8mm:  Phil Vigeant, owner of Pro8mm, has centered his professional career on pushing Super 8 film to its maximum potential. Credited with the invention of Super 8 negative film and custom 16:9 Super 8 camera modifications, his company Pro8mm has developed workflows that parallel those used in Hollywood. Phil has been speaking, teaching and working with Super 8 film for over 30 years. He is author of the book, "The Power of Super 8 Film" which teaches many emerging filmmakers why he invented products that changed the way the entertainment industry has used Super 8 film, emerging from a home movie format to a professional production medium.


About the Weekend

What to Expect

The weekend will kick off with tours of the company, where you will get to spend some quality time in the processing lab, with the colorists, and the camera techs.
The next two days will be a mix of classroom-style sessions, followed by instant field training where you can practice the concepts taught first hand.

The Agenda:

CAMERAS: Types, how to pick the right one for a shoot, how to properly prep and test a camera, camera key functions. Training with Camera Techs.
FILM STOCKS / PROCESSING: Types of Super 8 Film. Which stocks are best for different conditions. Watch film being processed and preped. Training with Lab techs.
SCANNING AND THE DIGITAL WORKFLOW: Codecs, compressions, scan speeds, Mac vs. PC, editing, and other elements you need to know to prove out your workflow. Sit in on SD telecines and HD telecines. Training with colorists.

Shoot with the experts and make a Super 8 film. Our experts will be presenting their Super 8 work for major brands and teaching you why they love Super 8, filmmaker to filmmaker. The group will then shoot a Super 8 project. Practice concepts such as storyboarding on 50 feet of film, sync sound, shooting on different cameras, exposure and focus.

Sit in on a supervised HD scanning session of YOUR FILM. Phil will teach you the creative process of the digital workflow and the power of the telecine. We will also do discussions and feedback on the films you shot.

Whats Included:

  • A 4 Roll State of the Art Film Super 8 Film Package (film, processing, prep & clean, and HD scanning). 2-3 rolls will be shot at the Super 8 Film Summit so you can practice your skills.
  • Technical sessions and hands-on shooting presented by Pro8mm and some of the top filmmakers and teachers who know the format from instand and out
  • Small group shooting in the field with people who make a living shooting on Super 8 film! Use one of ours or bring your own Super 8 camera
  • Networking with like-minded filmmakers and industry professionals
  • Opportunities with with with professional lab technicians, colorists and camera technicans


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Cost: $400 An incredible value since a 4 roll film package is included (valued at $368)