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New Katy Perry Super 8 Music Video Shot at a Safe Social Distance!


In our last blog we talked about how in the midst of this pandemic the timing could not be better for independent filmmakers to pick up (and in some cases dust off as we have heard from some of you!) a Super 8 or 16mm camera, grab some film and pitch your project! As we see the inevitability of production continuing to change, here is an AMAZING example of how the talented Liza Voloshin was able to shoot the new #KatyPerry music video #Daisies despite the pandemic. 

Liza emailed us during the peak of the quarantine in mid April and shared with me that she was quarantined in Los Angeles and all her equipment was in New York. At the time, we did not know anything about the project, just that she needed to rent a Rhonda Cam and a Classic Pro.  She purchased 3 different types of film - 50D, 250D and 500T.  She choose an Advanced Scan to 4K.  We were blown away when we saw the footage and received the final edited video of a very pregnant  Katy Perry so beautifully shot and obviously from a safe social distance.

Liza writes “Just wanted to share that the video is going live tonight at 9pm. Thank you so much to you and your team for making it happen so quickly!

Our Pro8mm team is grateful that we were able to continue to meet our clients  needs so some production can keep moving forward.  Our hope is that you will be inspired to continue working your creative magic outside the studio walls, re-invent or evolve yourself!

Liza was also interviewed by Super8.TV, in an exclusive article "The woman behind "Daisies". This is a great interview from Jürgen Lossau!

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