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Zoom Pro8-03 50D Super 8 Package
Zoom Pro8-03 50D Super 8 Package

Pro8-03 50D Super 8 Package


The Pro8-03 stock is best used in bright outdoor light. It is great for the snow, the beach, or anywhere full sun is available. It is a low-speed daylight film with an expansive dynamic range. ASA 50 daylight Kodak Vision 3; 13 stops of latitude

Pro8mm packages are a Super 8 workflow and include:

  • 50' super 8 cartridge of silent film. Cartridges are compatible with Super 8mm cameras
  • Our award winning prepaid chemical processing
  • Optional digital scanning onto a flash drive, hard drive or digital upload (drives and upload not included). Choose one of our 5 distinct levels based on your project. Also includes prep and clean.

Sprocket's Package Options

Packages include Film, Processing and Scanning your film to a digital file. Bundle and save time and money on your project!

Choose from one of Sprocket's 5 package types that fits your projects needs and budget.

Film + Processing:

Film stock and chemical developing. No digital scan included- film will come back on a reel. Negative Film must be scanned to digital to be viewed.

Basic Package:

Film, Processing and a basic scan to a digital fle.

A Basic digital scan is best for internet or direct viewing. A universal QuickTime or windows media file. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: 720p
  • Color Timing: Best Light
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p
  • Image Frame: Framed
  • Codec: mp4

Production Package:

Film, Processing and a Production scan to a digital fle.

A Production scan is a high quality professional scan, best for using your own post production tools for professional work or home movies. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: File Size up to 2K (2048 x 1556 or 2048 x 1080 DCI)
  • Color Timing: Best Light, Log or Rec 709 Color Corrected
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p, 23.98. 24p, or 25p
  • Image Frame: Overscan, Full Format Overscan, Framed or Matted
  • Codec: mp4, ProRes 422 or HQ, PorRes 4444

Advanced Package:

Film, Processing and a Advanced scan to a digital file.A high quality scan best for archival or theatrical film projects and using your own post production tools. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: File Size up to 4K (3840 x 2160 U-HD or 4096 x 3112 4K)
  • Color Timing: Best Light, Log or Rec 709 Color Corrected*
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p, 23.98. 24p, or 25p
  • Image Frame: Overscan, Full Format Overscan, Framed or Matted
  • Codec: mp4, ProRes 422 or HQ, PorRes 4444, DPX up to 4K

Ultimate Package:

Film, Processing and an Ultimate scan to a digital file. An ultimate scan uses the newest scan technology such as HDR and 6.5K for the ultimate experimentation, quality and file sizes with your film. It includes the below mastering options:

  • Frame Size: File Size up to 6.5K (6464 x 4848 Full Aperature or 6464 x 3633 Ultimate and more)
  • Color Timing: HDR, Best Light, Log or Rec 709 Color Corrected*
  • Playback Frame Rate: 18p, 23.98. 24p, or 25p
  • Image Frame: Overscan, Full Format Overscan, Framed or Matted
  • Codec: mp4, ProRes 422 or HQ, PorRes 4444, DPX 10 bit color or B&W, DPX 16 bit color or B&W

How to Use your Pre-Paid Package:

After your film has been shot and is ready to send to the lab, visit Process/ Scan a PrePaid Package with Sprocket to make your mastering selections. All you'll need is your package order number and email.

Sprocket will offer you turn around times, and options for resolution, framing, scan speed, file size, file delivery, return shipping and more. Additional options for custom processing, prep and file organization, film storage and more available at checkout. Hard drives, Flash drives and global access digital upload are NOT included. How to Fill Out Your Film Service Form.

When film is returned for processing and scan, all rolls will be prepped together onto one reel and one digital file per 400 feet. Individual files and other organization options are available for an extra fee in your Sprocket form. See form for a complete set of up to date options. 

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Film Packages FAQ

What is the shipping policy for Web Orders?

Web orders containing film stock, placed before 2pm PST will be shipped out the same day if shipping via Fedex. Web orders with a US Mail carrier selection will ship within 2 business days, excluding holidays. 

Pro8mm uses standard Fedex and USPS rates. Options including ground, priority overnight, standard overnight, 2-day, express saver, international, and Saturday delivery. Standards rates will apply depending on what you select.

Can I pickup my film?

Yes. In store pickup is available at our Burbank, CA location and may be selected during checkout. A sales team member will contact you when your order is ready for pickup, within 24 hours. Our store hours are 9AM to 5PM PST.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Pro8mm has clients all over the world! Customers will be responsible for paying any applicable import duties and taxes. Charges may vary based on the contents of the order. Customers are advised to contact their local customs office for further information on current import regulations.

How do I process & scan the film after filming?

A Sprocket form is required for all PrePaid film packages after filming. Use your film purchase order # and the purchase email.

On the form you can select your turnaround time, frame size, codec and how you want the files delivered. You can also upgrade to higher resolution if you choose. A new order # will be generated once the order is complete. Prepaid services can not be used on non-Pro8mm Film.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

Pro8mm has a no refund/no return policy. All sales are final. We regret that we cannot exchange any film stock for a different stock once it has left our facility. This is so we can ensure the highest possible standards of quality control.

How long can you store my film for?

Pro8mm can no longer store customers film & files indefinitely free of charge. As of May 1, 2020 we began charging customers if they want to leave their film, files or equipment at Pro8mm for more than 30 days. Storage is always free for the first 30 days!

Your digital file on our server and your physical film at our facility if you can't pickup right away. After that, you may buy a 6, 12, or 24 month contract for storage. This option is great for clients who want to pick-up when they are in the LA area and not incur the cost of shipping, or just want that extra security for their digital file for a longer period of time. Any items left at Pro8mm without pre-paid storage will be considered abandoned and will be recycled after 30 days. Purchase your storage contract at Sprocket.

What is the difference between Pro8mm Film and Other Super 8 Film?

Pro8mm film is our brand, and includes film with prepaid processing.  All Pro8mm film is re-packaged factory fresh Kodak Film, stored in our cold storage room for optimal quality. The Pro8-07 250D is  a Pro8mm exclusive signature stock, only manufactured at Pro8mm from Kodak factory fresh 35mm film.

What’s the difference between negative and reversal film?

Reversal film is a positive image that can be directly projected onto a wall or screen while negative film has to be transferred to digital in order to view the images without the inverted colors. The advantage of shooting on negative film is that there is much more exposure, latitude and resolution, capturing more information on the film. The advantage of shooting on reversal film is that it can be projected.

What if I have more questions?

If you need any additional help please see our full FAQ Page or feel free to contact us.