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March Newsletter 2021

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March News from Pro8mm

As we start to see some light at the end of the Covid tunnel and a return to the activities and loved ones we hold dear, we pledge to continue to do our part at Pro8mm to keep you safe. At this time we are still only allowing one client at a time in our small lobby. We have been getting some awesome feedback from people who really enjoy being able to fill out all their paperwork on line with Sprocket and the contactless options we have implemented. Watch for our new website coming this year with even more ways to use Sprocket!

Sprocket: Pro8mm's New Virtual Assistant for Processing & Scanning Film

Pro8mm Legacy Boxes Have Arrived

Pro8mm has designed a custom The Home Movie Legacy Box is the perfect place to safeguard your Super 8 and 16mm Films. The box is a perfect 8 1/2 inch square constructed of a heavy cardboard, with an attached lid. We have sized it so it hold up to 12, 400 foot super 8 reels, which equals 96 50' spools of super 8 or 6 400' cores of 16mm. Utilize the white spaces on the side of the film box to write metadata or additional notes. In order to safeguard your film and prevent deterioration of the material, we recommend that you keep the box stored in the center of your home where the temperature is the most constant (65 degrees is ideal) and away from heat or water damage. The box is included free of charge for all Archival Film to Digital Scanning orders over $500, or can be purchase on our website for $24.99 each.

Double Super 8 & Double Perf 16mm now in Stock!

We thought it would be April but the 03 50D Double Super 8 & Double Perf 16mm has arrived! We'll be shipping those that pre-ordered within the next week. If you still want to order some, its not too late!

Image of Double Perf Pro16-03 50D Package

Double Perf Pro16-03 50D Package

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Image of DS8-50D Double Super 8 Package

DS8-50D Double Super 8 Package

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Image of Bright Sun 16mm Film Kit

Bright Sun 16mm Film Kit

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New Beaulieu Users Group on Facebook

Because Pro8mm has a long history with repair, modification, and complete restoration of various models of the Beaulieu camera, we started a new Facebook Group group called the“Beaulieu Users Group." There is a rich legacy of the Beaulieu line of equipment, and we thought it would be cool to have a dedicated group.

Phil and Rhonda have had many trips to the factory in France before it closed and opportunities to represent the line at trade shows as the exclusive U.S. Distributor for several decades. We as a company have been intimately involved in the history of the Beaulieu, and the modifications we contributed to the legacy. These include Crystal Sync and Max 8 (16:9 mod) and new Pistol Grip battery for the 4008. If you have a photo of you and your favorite Beaulieu, or a clip of a project or story shot with one of our restored “Classic Pro’s” send it to, or post on the group page.

Ben's Camera Show interviews Phil @ Pro8mm

Episode #17 of the popular video podcast “Super 8 Goes Pro” is an interview with our own Phil Vigeant. The interview starts about 35 minutes into the broadcast

Ben has been posting a series of interesting camera blogs under his website . Check it out!

Gearing Up for our 50th in 2022 -50 feet for 50 years!

In 1972 when Bob Doyle, a Harvard professor started to experiment with the notion that Super 8 equipment had endless possibilities as a production medium we are sure he was not thinking about where would the company be in 50 years - or would it be?

Super8 Sound was founded in November 1972 by Bob Doyle, with partners Jay Kirsch and Wendl Thomis. They spent three months developing an electronic servo-control circuit that would match the speed of a Sony TC800B tape recorder to a one-closure-per-frame switch in a Super-8 movie camera. They were awarded U.S. Patent Number 3,900,251 for this work. Over the next decade they invented a variety of products including the first Crystal Sync Super 8 cameras, 3D shooting and projecting with the infamous Lenny Liption, 2 different models of fullcoat recorders, camera blimps, crystal sync cassette recorders, the double system editing bench, accessories like the beep light, pilotone sync generator, crystal sync generator, and multi track sync recording. More to come on the history of Super8Sound, the early years, or check it out here.

40th Anniversary
Phil and Rhonda Vigeant bought the company from Bob in 1982, moved it to Los Angeles in 1987 (35th anniversary of being in Burbank) and changed the name to Pro8mm in1992 (30th anniversary) when they came out with color negative film.

So the company is 50 years old, and Phil has been the President for 40 years and color negative super 8 film will be 30 years old!

We look forward to having you join us for a year long celebration of new products, services, virtual events, contests, milestone production accomplishments and a P-A-R-T-Y !!!!

If you have a Super 8 Sound /Pro8mm project, story, photo or celebration idea you would like to share, email

Going Global Expansion

We have always had a big international following but have found it difficult to overcome the struggles of the international language barriers, international shipping cost and understanding the many different import duties custom fees. These fees often make working internationally extremely expensive. At one time we even had and import / export office in London to consolidate work in Europe. A few years ago we introduced the concept of GLOBAL ACCESS. With this program clients could send their film to Pro8mm and we would return the images digitally over the internet. This requires filmmakers to send their film to the USA which is very easy and efficient to do as there is no duty coming in. USA customs are practically not existent on this kind of goods and domestic postal services are very good and quite reliable and very reasonable in price. But returning film to our clients is not so easy, or inexpensive and can sometimes go astray with inexpensive shipping options. So we started a new program of FILM RECYCLING. With film recycling you only get back your digital file, not your film original. This saves a fortune on shipping cost. Because of the tremendous success of this program we are going to open up this service with a new “multi language app" so that you can follow your films journey in your native language and currency. In addition we will offer a new service called “Film Out. ” With this service if something should go astray a film copy can now be generated from your digital film.

As I was writing this blog I noticed nearly 40 countries representing almost every continent on the Globe on line at the Pro8mm website. Most visitors are from countries that have little to no resources of their own, and are hungry for information. We are proud of the job we have done to grow the market to make products and services accessible to an international community. As “Sprocket” continues to make online ordering easier and files are sent over the internet, our goal is to continue to support the international community in their quest for filmmaking resources with new apps supporting international languages and foreign currencies.

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

@shootchevytyler beautiful Super 8 work filming actress and model Milla Jovovich.

This beautifully shot music video of @msrebeccablack has 16mm film process and scanned by us.

We can only wish for sunny days here in Burbank 😌 Here is some full format overscan footage. A question we get a lot is “Which framing option is best?” The answer to that varies on what you wish to get out of the film! #Repost @leocabal with @make_repost @elizabethjamrozy on film

We are LOVING the Super 8 instragram work of Gather Films created by Carli Call! Its elegant. Its classic. Its super 8 in a nutshell. Carli specializes in wedding films. Her work is not only beautiful, but we love her enthusiasm for teaching others about the process of using real, old fashioned film. We happened to stumble upon this AWESOME video she made showing off her Canon 814XLS. It shares some amazing educational expertise about Super 8 camera use and film stocks. Check it out here!
Everyone loves “Postcard Boy”. A cool creative Super 8 Project @from.garrett. We especially love the cool framing on this one!

Have a Pro8mm story to share? Email us or tag us on Instagram for consideration to be included in a future blog!

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