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July Newsletter 2021

July News from Pro8mm

We hope everyone is enjoying summer and we can't believe how fast it has flown by! We have been SO busy with cool new projects; hence our newsletter getting out a few days late! We hope you enjoy some of our latest news and work in film!

New Video! Pro8-66 vs. Pro8-22 & How to Sync Sound with Super 8 Film

Intersted in shooting B&W film or syncing sound on your next film project? Check out this informational video from Analog Resurgence, sharing some great demo and instruction on shooting our new Pro8-22 stock and how to sync sound with any super 8 project! Shooting Double X in Super 8

From the Blog...Brrr, Oh Baby its Cold INSIDE!

Did you know that Pro8mm has a cold room to store all that delicious factory fresh / sealed film that we purchase from Kodak? The film we purchase goes directly from Kodaks refrigerated storage in Rochester, New York directly to our cold room in Burbank. When shipments arrive, we house it in a room we built that maintains a constant 68 degrees to maintain quality and freshness. Not shooting your film right away? Read our tips on cold storing your film at home!

Turn Around Times | What You Need to Know!

TIMES are changing! The amount of film we continue to receive every day is mindblowing! Dozens of packages are showing up daily to be processed and scanned. We strive to meet our clients deadlines, so in order to be more accurate, we are letting you know that orders are now taking approximately 5-7 business days. If you need your job sooner, we will continue to offer rush jobs for an extra fee. These selections can be made on your Sprocket form.

The increase in turn around time also has to do with our improved systems for tracking! Every package is logged into our mail receiving log when it arrives. We are also now sending out automated emails, that you will receive once your film has been put into processing.

There are also a few things YOU can do to speed up the process:

  • Always keep your shipping tracking number! Due to the large volume of orders we receive, we can not contact every person when your film arrives. You can check track your own package with your carrier to make sure we got it!
  • Fill out Sprocket! Have your Sprocket order filled out before you ship your package in. This will help expedite the process
  • Be Patient! We know you are excited to receive your film back! We have a small dedicated team with decades of experience. They are taking the upmost care of your project. We turn around each project in the order in which it is received.

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

Things are “heating up” with the Untitled Lakers Project that we have been working on over the past couple of years. With the scanning of archival material from one of the most memorable era’s in NBA history including the great Magic Johnson/Larry Bird Rivalry, the story profiles how The Lakers rose to infamous success. The show has also been shooting dozens of rolls of recreates, using a variety of Super 8 Cameras including our Classic Pro. The Untitled Lakers Project will air on Showtime sometime in 2022. For more information including the cast and production crew, check out their IMDB page.

This just in from Scott Murphy. Check out his music video The Dirty Guv’nahs.

“I recently directed a music video that was shot completely on Super 8. We used Pro8mm for every step of the process. We rented the Pro814 from y’all and also used around 23 rolls of your various stocks.

We couldn’t have been happier with how the video turned out! I wanted the video to feel as if you were watching a couple’s entire summer play out, so using a variety of stocks helped achieve that. We primarily used 50D for our outdoor daytime footage. We used several rolls of 250D for shots set around dusk. Our nighttime and low light shots were shot using 500T. And we even used a few rolls of 200T with an 85 filter on it to add variety to our other daytime footage. When we finished shooting, the film it was overnighted to Pro8mm to handle developing and scanning. We had our footage scanned in LOG at 16x9 4K using full-format overscan. The footage came out better than I could’ve dreamt it, and nothing beats the sound of the film whirring through the camera. "

Have you been hearing Harry Styles "Watermelon Sugar" all summer long? We certainly have, and we love it because we worked on this music video! A great project to share for summer.

82nd Airborne Division shares "Who We Are", from long time client Jonathan Hornby.

“A video I’ve been working on for months, published today and includes footage your team processed and scanned. I’m a regular customer and frequent film user, so when I became the primary videographer for the 82nd Airborne Division (I’m active duty army), I wanted to include film in the command video I was assigned to make, largely from scratch. It includes three snippets from a 16mm roll I shot on a Kodak cine Model K that your team developed and scanned late summer of last year. Your lab helped me in a unique way. It’s a dynamic army command video and I find the film adds a wonderful nuance.
IG: @HornbyProductions
FB: @JonathanHornbyProductions

Super 8 Anamorphic Production Test with Jonathan Hornby!

Super-8 is the king for creating nostalgia in camera, but I wanted to explore its capability as an anamorphic system for narrative productions with dialog. This video demonstrates the capability of the rig I built over the past two years with some amazing results! ​The 16mm B Roll you'll see, Jonathan is an Army videographer, working in the 82nd ABN DIV’s Public Affairs Office. After being tasked to shoot and edit a new command video that explores a 100+ year legacy, incorporating 16mm from his Cine-Kodak Model K to visualize this nuanced production was a must. The 16mm clips used have left-side sprockets exposed.

This is from Fred Sprinkle, An Ode To Childhood. This short film was shot on a hand-crank 1959 Bolex 16mm Rex 1 camera on expired Kodak Vision3 250D and Kodak Vision3 50D. As adults we can't continually live like children—we would ruin our lives, but we might also ruin them if we don't take time to slow down and enter the ever-present world of the child. It's a place where we are worthy of all good things without lifting a finger to earn them.

This in From Luke Huxham “The Blur of Memory From My Time in Kyiv” in from the Ukraine / Japan!

Luke is a director currently located in Japan and had all his film super 8 processed by Pro8mm and scanned to 5K for this project!

"Locked Out" (16mm Short Film) from Jimmy Barbetti! A short film made up entirely as it was being made. The voice overs were all improv also. This short film was made as a test so that I could get used to shooting motion picture film. I have been shooting film photography for a few years and have always wanted to make the step up to motion pictures.

Have a Pro8mm story to share? Email us or tag us on Instagram for consideration to be included in a future blog!

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