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Going Global Expansion

Going Global Expansion 

New Services for our Growing International Clientele

We have always had a big international following but have found it difficult to overcome the struggles of  the international language barriers, international shipping cost, and understanding the many different import duties custom fees.  These fees often make working internationally extremely expensive.  At one time we even had and import export office in London to consolidate work in Europe which was a solution to the import /export process. A few years ago we introduced the concept of GLOBAL ACCESS. With this program clients could send their film to Pro8mm and we would return the images digitally over the internet.  This requires filmmakers to send their film to the USA which is very easy and efficient to do as there is no duty coming in.  USA customs are practically not existent on this kind of goods and domestic postal services are very good and quite reliable and very reasonable in price. But returning film to our clients is not so easy , or inexpensive and can sometimes go astray with inexpensive shipping options.  So we started a new program of FILM RECYCLING.   With film recycling you only get back your digital file, not your film original. This saves a fortune on shipping cost.  Because of the tremendous success of this program we are going to open up this service with a new “multi language app" so that you can follow your films journey in your native language and currency.  In addition we will offer a new service called “Film Out”. With this service if something should go astray a film copy can now be generated from your digital film. 

 As I was writing this blog I noticed nearly 40 countries representing almost every continent on the Globe on line at the Pro8mm website!   Most visitors are from countries that have little to no resources of their own, and are hungry for  information. We are proud of the job we have done to grow the market to make products and services accessible to an international community.  As “Sprocket” continues to make online ordering easier and files are sent over the internet, our goal is to continue to support the international community in their quest for filmmaking resources with new apps supporting international languages and foreign currencies. 

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