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April Newsletter 2021

April News from Pro8mm

Spring is the time we notice the most rebirth and rejuvenation in nature and this year especially we are all looking forward to this energy! For so many of us, life has been completely different for over a year, and we are anxious to get back to life! Whatever that is for you - a trip to Disneyland, baseball game, travel, or celebrating with family and friends.

As a business, we have changed things that have made us more efficient in order to serve you better, and those things are here to stay. We will continue with only one person in our small lobby at a time for awhile, while the team continues to support you with the products and services you need. Please fill out your Sprocket order ahead of time! We look forward to seeing you.

We hope you enjoy this months newsletter! There are so many amazing projects - it might be one of our favorite collections ever!

Pro8mm Featured in the May Issue of American Cinematogpher Magazine

We could not be more thrilled to receive recognition for our contribution in keeping film viable as a creative tool for modern production by being included in the May issue of American Cinematographer Magazine. In Part 1 of a series in the magazine, FILM FORWARD, an article written by David E. Williams, (web director and Associate Publisher), he discusses the use of Super 8 and 16mm film formats in professional projects, and highlights several of the productions Pro8mm recently worked on with some ASC Cinematographers.

This interview by Williams with Pro8mm’s Philip Vigeant who along with Rhonda are Associate ASC Members, captures the artistry of productions shot on super 8 and 16 film that continues to stand the test of time and the future of film. In the article, Pro8mm President Phil Vigeant is quoted “If I had a nickel for every time I was told film is going to disappear, I’d be a rich guy.” The article discusses Pro8mm’s contributions including the introduction of Super 8 color negative film, camera restoration, Max 8 and reintroducing double super 8 film to the market.


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New Sprocket Portals Have Arrived!

Sprocket Portals 4 & 5 have launched! You can now Scan Film to Digital, and Process & Scan Outdated and Obscure Film Formats with our self-checkout virtual assistant, Sprocket. These portals replace the Digital Mastering Form, allowing scan sections and invoicing to be automatic. Read our latest blog for all the info!

New Video! Bolex & the 16mm Film Kit

Noah @ Analog Resurgence, has a new video tutorial featuring his 16mm Bolex camera and the Pro8mm 16mm Film Kit! This video is a great one if you have been thinking about trying 16mm film, and don't know where to get started. Noah talks about how to use a 16mm camera, how to load the film, exposure variances, double exposure, sample footage and more.

THIS IS US - Season 5, Episode 10 Makes A Pro814 Encore!

After the excitement of seeing our Pro814 Super 8 Camera purchased and used in a couple of episodes of Season 1 and 2 for the popular NBC series This Is Us, Season 5, Episode 10 has a short sequence shot on Pro8mm color negative film and a close up of the character Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) filming, with no regrets that he returned a set of golf clubs he got as a birthday gift in Season 1 to purchase a home movie camera to document the lives of the Pearson Family. We are always thrilled to see where and when the footage shows up, and of course we could not ask for better product placement!

Anthology Film Archive

Anthology Film Archive will be offering a virtual screening May 12 through 25th featuring some of the archival collections that Pro8mm has scanned through their partnership with the Al Larvick Conservation Fund.

The program is called Regional Films Through Parody and Politics.This includes footage we scanned of The Campaign Trail: The Kennedys take America, curated by Ron Merk. Donald R. Bye Home Movies. Everyday Activist: Home Movies as Political Acts, the films of Jim Hubbard, moderated by Pro8mm’s Rhonda Vigeant, who is the Board Chair for the fund and an advocate for the preservation of Home Movie Collections.

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

Music Videos & Fashion are the themes of the month! Check out these GORGEOUS projects in both Super 8 and 16mm that will make your eyes and your heart sing!
Stunning work of actress/singer Ella Anderson in her official Super 8 music video ALONE, directed by actor Nate. J Potvin. Alone- Ella Anderson
Julia Roberts, Diamonds, and 16mm film. Can you even dream of a happier combination? What a fun, energetic piece from Xavier Dolan for Chopard Diamonds!
Grammy Award winning artist White Sun, produces not 1, but 2 music videos with Super 8, titled Fade Into You (live) and Teardrop (live.). The original Fade into You, performed by Mazzy Star was also shot completely on Pro8mm color negative. It was the first project we did with Pro8 Color Negative Film!
Saint Kochi- Home, Official Music Video. Love the ultra wide framing on this one! Produced by Jamie Dolan. Home
Everyone loves HIDDEN by Talia Jackson, directed by Mike Williams. Stunning images!
Ultimate fashion from the Zoe Report. AG Jeans looks amazing in 16mm from the talened Benjo Arwas.
Director Ethan Jones created some beautiful work of Model Devin Zweck for Soliel

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