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New Sprocket Portals Have Arrived

 New Sprocket Portals Have Arrived

When we rolled out Sprocket, our virtual ordering assistant a few months ago, we initially offered 3 of the 5 portals that were planned! 

 The first three portals for Sprocket were:

We have now launched the 4th and 5th portals for scanning film to digital and processing and scanning outdated film such as discontinued Kodachrome and Ektachrome. 

These self directed portals (especially Portal 4 for Scanning Film to Digital) with the assistance of Sprocket will replace the digital mastering form, and allow you to prepare your own order.  One thing clients love is you can play with the scanning options, and try quoting your job a few different ways to fit your budget, timeline,  and scan quality requirements. This is much faster than waiting for one of our team members to prepare a quote for you, since sometimes there is a bottleneck in this process when we are really busy.  You can create a quote for a single scan, or a dual format master if your job requires more than one type of file format with normal or rush services.

Here is a quick walk through of the process for using Sprocket to Scan film to Digital

  • Go to shop
  • Go to Scan film to Digital 
  • Go to Order Now
  • Select the film type 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm , or 35mm
  • Select Roll length
  • Select your turn around options 
  • Select your mastering options
  • Select your file and prep options
  • Check Out!  

Portal 5 Returning Outdated Film Stock with Sprocket     

Here are the steps:

  • Go to shop
  • Go to Outdated Film 
  • Go to order now
  • Select the film type 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm 
  • Select quantity 
  • Check Out!
What's included for $115.00 (for Super 8, $150 for 16mm) film will be processed, scanned and returned back to you over the internet as a digital file.
  • Film will be processed in alternative chemistry as a black and white negative (it can not be projected.)
  • Film will be scanned to digital using our Basic Scan (click here for a full scan description). Upgrade to Professional, Advanced or Ultimate at an additional charge.
  • Choose Global Access for $5 internet file delivery of mp4. Additional options available.
  • Choose Film Recycle, in-store Pickup, Or Shipping at checkout

Please note, turn around time is 3-4 months. Processing is done on a best attempt basis. Does not include sound. Formats include:        

  • Kodachrome 40 
  • Kodachrome II
  • Kodachrome II Type A
  • Kodak Ektachrome 160 Type A or G
  • Moviechome
  • Fujichrome


For Questions about using Sprocket, or ordering any products and services, one of our Team Members will be happy to help you! Call us at 818-848-5522 , Monday To Friday 9 AM to 5 PM or email 


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