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World Premiere Virtual Screening of Beyond the Bolex

World Premiere Screening of Beyond the Bolex

5 Days Only!


Pro8mm is proud to host the world premiere virtual screening of the award-winning documentary, Beyond the Bolex, including a Q&A with director Alyssa Bolsey.

Limited time 5-day Screening: November 30 - December 4.
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Follow the dramatic journey of filmmaker Alyssa Bolsey as she discovers the story of her great-grandfather Jacques Bolsey, the visionary inventor of the Bolex movie camera. This is the camera that led to the careers and development of so many legendary filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, as you’ll see in his latest autobiographical film, The Fabelmans.

Pro8mm scanned and transferred some of Spielberg’s original footage from his first films shot with his Bolex, some of which you will see in Beyond the Bolex.

Join us for this limited-time 5-day world premiere virtual screening of this wonderful film, and by doing so you will be helping Alyssa bring her film to a wider audience.

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Beyond the Bolex beautifully encapsulates Pro8mm's mission - to promote and support the creation and preservation of analog filmmaking in a digital world.

We provide the means and expertise to keep it flourishing for decades to come. This is a journey we have been a part of for so many clients through our Home Movie Legacy Scanning. We always say home movies are the stories of our lives, and what you find might change everything you have known about your roots. Join us in screening Beyond the Bolex, a film that we hope will help you find your own new family story waiting to be discovered.

What others are saying about Beyond the Bolex:

“I wholeheartedly support this project…” - Filmmaker, Martin Scorsese

“ It’s a love letter to all dreamers…” - Roy H. Wagner (American Society of Cinematographers, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences)

"...surprising intersection of personal experience and historical revelation" - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

See for a full list of credits.


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