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Why Transfer Your Super 8 Film Home Movies to HD Digital Files – Holiday Discounted Prices


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Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner? With film productions taking a break for the holidays, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to get your home movies transferred on industry professional film technology at a BIG discount!
HD Digital Master with Color Correction for $1 per foot
The best of the best! You will get an archival digital master scanned frame for frame in 1080p 23.98fps HD to a ProRes computer file. You also get a free set of DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, iPad files or a Drive (hard drive or flash drive based on size of the transfer). Includes prep and clean of all your film onto archival safe reels. *transfers are un-scheduled in-between production clients. 200ft minimum.
All for just $1 per foot of film
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SD scanning to DVD for $20 per 50 foot reel
Transfer your home movies on industry professional Standard Definition equipment one-light to DVD.  Includes prep and clean of all your film. *transfers are un-schedule in-between production clients.
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Continue Your Familes Legacy on Film
Continue your families legacy on Super 8 Film! Introducing the Super 8 Film Kit – a modern analog film experience that includes film, processing, transfer and pre-paid mailer. Your digital file will be emailed to you, and your analog record mailed back for future access. Enhance your Super 8 Film Kit at where you can add titles, sound track, end credits, upgrade to HD and more!  Click for the Kit
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Offers end December 31, 2013.
Click Below for More Home Movie Transfer Samples:
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Shot at 18fps and transfered at HD Scanned 24p

(this is the HD special at $1 per foot!)

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Home Movies from 1960’s – today
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