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Who’s the “Coolest Guy in Movies” with a Super 8 Film Camera?

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September 2013 Newsletter

The “Coolest Guy in Movies,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt front page of Entertainment Weekly with a Super 8 Film Camera
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From childhood actor to directing his first film Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become Hollywood’s hottest DIY filmmaker! Entertainment Weekly calls him the “coolest guy in movies.” And of all things, he is holding a Super 8 camera. We can’t think of anything more cool than that! The article talks about how he is a man obcessed with cameras, and after growing up in front of them, he’s now getting behind them in a big way. Click here to read the article
Fashion designer Tory Burch uses Super 8 for first
fragrance campaign
American fashion icon, Tory Burch uses Super 8 film for the launch of her first fragrance. Inspired by her parents and personal history, the new Vetiver fragrance was shot on a variety of stocks and transfered in HD. What a beautiful campagin for a sweet collection!
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Welcome Super 8 Film Kit Suppliers!
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We would like to welcome Freestyle Photographic Supplies in Los Angeles, CA and PSU Film & Video in Nashville, TN to the Pro8mm family! Both companies will be selling the Super 8 Film Kit in store and / or online. Our goal is to make the Super 8 Film Kit accessible wherever you are. We are thrilled to have our Los Angeles and Nashville supporters!

Freestyle Photographic Supplies – Los Angeles, CA
Since 1946, Freestyle Photographic Supplies has provided photographic enthusiasts and professionals across America with quality photographic products, expert advice, and superior customer support. They are leaders in traditional photography supplies in the Los Angeles area.
Ph: 800-292-6137
5124 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angles, CA 90027
PSU FIlm & Video – Nashville, TN
PSU Film & Video is a complete imaging business that is ready to connect all of your exisiting photography, film and video images with today’s technology. For 36 years, PSU Film & Video has serviced Nashville’s film photography needs.
Ph: 615-383-3150
2804 Bransford Avenue, Nashville, TN 37204
Intererested in becoming a dealer? If you are interested in becoming a Super 8 Film Kit supplier or would like us to contact your local photographic store, please email
Restoration Chiropractic “Kids” by Ryan Mains
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Here is a short Super 8 film commercial for Restoration Chiropractic, a Chiropractic company in Surrey, British Columbia offering families relief through natural chiropractic care. What a nice, real-life campaign that promotes family and business. The film was shot on Pro8/07 250D, and transferred in high definition.
Jeremiah Knupp’s “Super 8 Film Kit” reel for LC Fabrications
Last year Jeremiah Knupp was the winner of a Rhonda CAM and Rhonda Roll at the Super Gr8 Film Festival in Harrisonburg, VA. Last week we got to process and transfer Jeremiah’s winning roll, and little did we know it was being used for a production for LC Fabrications as an introduction to Jeremy Cupp Bike Building Philosophy. This film was shot on a “Super 8 Film Kit” workflow, enhanced to HD.
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Spiders on Drugs by Andrew Struthers
We are not quiet sure what to say about this piece, but it has 34,000,000 hits on YouTube, so we figured it was worth mentioning! According to our client and the filmmaker Andrew Struther’s, the film has more views than the population of Canada. This film was processed and transferred using Pro8mm workflows. Keep up the good work Andrew, and watch out for those crazy spiders!
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New Demo Reel for Pro8/46 Fuji 250D Film Stock
We shot some super 8 film in Memphis, TN this month during our southern road trip on the Pro8/46 250D Fuji Vivid motion picture film stock. This stock is re-manufactured from 35mm to Super 8mm at our facility in Burbank. We love the highly saturated colors and crisp, deep blacks this film stock creates. We shot in Max 8 format on the Max1014XLS, and captured some great shots of the Civll Right Museum, Sun Studios and some great Blues by Jeff Jensen.
Fuji Film is still in stock! This stock can be purchased for $35 with processing or with an all-inclusive film SD or HD film package.
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Surf’s up. Super 8 piece for Everyday Surfboards
by Kelly Connolly (Film by Grant Kirkpatrick)
Surf, sand and Super 8. This campaign for Kelly Connolly, creator of 100% handcrafted surfboards for everyday surf showcases how Kelly composes beauty and surf. This piece was scanned in standard definition on our retro URSA Diamond Y-Front scanner.
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That’s A Wrap!
Time Code Nola FF2 Super 8 One Reel Contest
& New Orleans Home Movie Event

Kudos to Jacqueline Shulman and Randy Perez for another awesome Time Code :NOLA event!  For the second year in a row, Pro8mm has had the awesome privilege to be one of the sponsors of Time Code Nola’s FF2, A One Reel Super 8 film competition.  This year there were 24 short films shot on Tri-X.  The films were as different as the filmmakers, spanning numerous genres, and style, from single frame animation, to live performance with the film, themed story telling and more.

The screening was on Friday, Sept 20 at One Eyed Jacks in The French Quarter.  A comedian narrated his interpretation and a piano player added dimension to these silent 50-foot films.  The winner, Milena Martinovic won a Rhonda Cam, and a Super 8 Film Kit donated by Pro8mm. On Sat, Sept 21st Phil Vigeant gave a Super 8 workshop, held at the Old U.S Mint Building.  Some people brought their own cameras, others just listened and learned.

On Sunday, Sept 22nd was the first annual New Orleans Home Movie Archive Event, held at The Old U.S. Mint. “The archive calls for home movies from New Orleanians, with the intent to document a selected number for their cultural and historical value,” Shulman explains.   Rhonda Vigeant talked about the importance of home movies, and Phil assisted with the viewing of the films the public brought in.  One family had several water damaged reels from Hurricane Katrina that are now being transferred at Pro8mm – a huge benefit of having a sprocketless flying spot scanner!

To learn more:

See Shulman and Perez interview on network news


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