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Weird Way Home Super 16mm Film

We couldn't be more proud of long time client, @_mattpayne_, who finished his Super 16mm Film, Weird Way Home that released this week. This project has been a labor of love for a few years and it is so great to see it in its final edit. The film has been featured in Jenkem Magazine and Wasted Talent Magazine, both who rave about its artistic approach to skateboarding and a truly original piece.

Jenkem Magazine states, "Matt Payne was one of those who did it right, and he completely surprised us when he sent over this hybrid video part/lifestyle video of Tom Karangelov shot entirely on 16mm film. Unlike all the other 16mm fluff we see out there, this is actually filled with good, usable footage with amazingly vibrant colors and beautifully framed shots. Nothing digital here."

Matt says,"This project is completely self produced and independent. I shot this is a passion project because I really wanted to make a long form exclusively 16mm performance based piece in the skateboarding world away from the branded content world. Its also pretty hard to shoot difficult tricks on a 100ft load of film so that was a feat in itself."

WEIRD WAY HOME from Matt Payne on Vimeo.

The film stars pro skateboarder Tom Karangelov, whom Matt shoots around Southern California in this 7-minute piece shot entirely on 16mm Film. 

Its been an absolute joy to support Matt in this project, as well as his many past projects with us. 

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