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The Pro814 Gets an Upgrade New Light Meter Battery Modification

Group holding Pro 8 CameraPro8mm’s Pro814 Super 8 Film Camera just got an upgrade!  We have replaced the existing internal meter system that always ran on 2 PX13 mercury batteries to a new system that will eliminate the need for separate meter batteries.  The modification includes a regulator circuit so that the auto meter system will now function on the 4 AA camera power source.

This is a great advancement in this camera as its often difficult to find these outdated light batteries and they don’t offer the same quality control that was once available.  Initially most super 8 cameras powered there exposure meters from these M&M size separate batteries because this was the best technology at the time.  Although inconvenient it provided a reasonable way to get an auto setting. Over time newer and better systems were invented to power exposure meters which is why other super 8 models don’t necessarily use them.

The Pro814 Meter Mod will become a standard feature in all Pro814 super 8 film cameras . We are also offering a-la-carte upgrades for customers who already own a Pro814 camera or a Canon 814 AZ  camera. Visit American Restoration Canon 814 for more details!

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