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The 16mm Film Kit Now in Stock!

For many people shooting 16mm film has always been something they want to try. Traditionally film schools provided the bridge between new filmmakers and the complexities of the film process. Today with most information coming on-line and virtually,  you need a jumping off point if you want to try 16mm on your own.   Once you have watched your share of “How To" video’s and navigated the purchase of a camera, your best next step is to purchase some film and give it a try.  That is why we created the 16mm Film Kit!  


The 16mm Film Kit is a small quality of 16mm film (just 33 feet on a Daylight spool) so you can load your camera in the light. It contains the basic film workflow of sending your shot film to our Pro8mm laboratory, having it processed and scanned to digital files.  We send the digital file to you over the internet. The 16mm Film Kit uses Double Perf 16mm film so it will work in all 16mm cameras, even those made in the 1920’s.  

The intention of the 16mm film kit is not to replace 100' daylight spools or 400' cores for large film projects. Rather, provide filmmakers with an appropriate amount of film at a lower cost, to try the process and figure out the following: 


  • Is your camera working correctly?
  • Can you load the camera correctly? 
  • Is the lens in focus? 
  • Can you expose 16mm film properly?  

The best way to check, is to try shooting some 16mm film with a simple process. Not only will you test your gear but you might also produce some great images for your next Instagram post. 


Here is a project that was done with a 16mm Film Kit testing out a Bolex and trying out a new framing concept, Vertical Cinema. 




The 16mm film kit includes:

  • a daylight spool of 16mm double perf color negative film (without sound)
  • an extra delight spool
  • pre-paid mailing envelope to send your roll to the lab
  • chemical processing of your film
  • digital film scanning
  • Encoding to a universal computer file format uploading and delivered to your email
  •  Your original film mailed to you on an archival safe core for preservation (US residents only)

 The Low Light film stock is best used in average indoor light or low outdoor light with an 85 filter. This is the best stock to shoot when shooting in low-light scenarios. 

Each 16mm Film Kit is $106.  You can order on line at It will also eventually be available on 

For a more advanced experience, upgrade your film kit online by visiting Sprocket, our new online virtual assistant.   Achieve higher scan types, rush your roll to meet project deadlines, chose additional framing and codec options, and more. 


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