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Super 8 Filmmakers Look Out For Fake HD!

Posted on October 28 2009

CameraEver wonder why some Super 8 flagged as HD on the internet looks amazing and other stuff looks like crap?   Well  even though that little HD flag pop’s up on a video in You Tube or Vimeo  it does not mean that the materials where sourced  from true HD Scans. Any file or video can be up-converted in a computer to be HD formatted. There is no quality improvement when images are up-converted. All this does is put your images in an HD format. It does not create HD quality. If you want your Super 8 film project to look like HD you have to scan your Super 8 film in true HD with a machine that can do 1920 x 1080 native scans. This is 4 times the digital of a standard definition scan.  Think about having 4 times as many pixels to describe every aspect of your original.   This produces an amazing amount of clarity, color and definition that gets close to what your Super 8 original really looks like.

Many companies who claim that they can offer you an HD scan of your super 8 film are doing this. The scan originates on a standard definition scanner.   Do a search on ViMEO or You Tube of HD Super 8, and compare what you see to scans that originate in 1920 x 1080.

© Phil Vigeant, 2009

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