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SHOOTING PORTRAIT STYLE “Try Something NEW”with your Super 8

Super 8 and the World of the Small Screen & Social Media  - Philip VIgeant 3/20 (c) All rights reserved without permission of the author

The greatest image revolution of this century is unarguably Social Media.  Facebook is 16 years old.  YouTube is 15 years old, and Instagram launched in 2010, just 10 years ago. 

The ability to share image and video instantaneously around the globe has added a new dimension  for image creation. One interesting aspect of this is that it’s all concentric to a very small screen.  Since Super 8 Film is the smallest of the celluloid film gauges,  it works incredibly well with this new small universe.   You only need a small amount of film to create and have impressive images on a small screen.  The fact that so many people today are more likely to see something on their phone than any other way demands that we question how we are to create images for this platform. 

The small screen has exploded with new uses of film and has embraced the use of Super 8 film like no other market ever has.  New techniques such as Over Scanning (scanning  the images past the film perforations)  have reached such popularity that even Documentary Features like Beyonce’s Homecoming which aired on Netflix in April 2019 used this technique through our scanning facility.   As I write this revision to my book and website, a new form of Super 8 nicknamed Super8 Portrait has started to gain popularity. Super8 Portrait utilizes super 8 film that is shot sideways to change the natural aspect ratio of the film  form a Horizontal Image to a Vertical .  CHECK OUT HOW TO DO SUPER 8 PORTRAIT

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