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Reposted From AV Concepts 12/12/11


Speeding the process

Writes Curt: “When I first became involved with non-professional movie making the maximum Kodachrome ASA sensitivity speed rating obtainable had just made the fantastic leap forward from 10 ASA to a massive 25 ASA. But that was for emulsion which was balanced for a daylight colour temperature.

If you wanted to film under artificial light then you needed a blue conversion filter which chopped that rating right back to nearly the original 10 ASA. This, in turn, meant that you required lots of lighting units with all the extra heat thereby generated (not to mention the additional cost of either buying or hiring such bits of gear).

Later on Kodak, Agfa and others, introduced a 40 ASA rating balanced for tungsten illumination and, with the introduction of Super-8 this became the ‘norm’; cameras having an in-built filter (orangey coloured Wratten 85B) allowing daylight use. 

How things have changed in the intervening years. Super-8 stocks have proliferated to the point where those early users of the gauge would be totally amazed. A choice of black & white emulsions, negative as well as reversal types also being available.

And now, to cap it all, we have a 250 ASA daylight balanced Super-8 emulsion
This gives glorious colour rendering, but no words can explain it quite like seeing the results, so just click on my picture and TO SEE A GREAT DEMO OF ITS POSSIBILITIES and see if you agree with me.

Technically speaking…

we have here a sample of the New Vision 3 5207 cut down and loaded into Super 8 at Pro8mm. ASA 250 Daylight . Now Available. Shot with the Max1014 (Canon 1014 XLS modified for Max8) Scanner to HD in Native 1080P 23:98 encoded in Prores 422 HQ , compressed to H264 Apple TV at 1280×720.

Trot that little lot out at a party and stand back and judge the effecty!


p.s. You can find out more by going to 


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