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Pro8mm Sponsors the 2016 Al Larvick Conservation Fund National Grant with $5,000 available for scanning Home Movies

Pro8mm Sponsors the 2016 Al Larvick Conservation Fund National Grant with $5,000 available for scanning Home Movies

Pro8mm and it’s partner brand  Home Movie Legacy will be sponsoring the 2016 Al Larvick Conservation Fund Grant.  Applicants can apply to have their home movies transferred of professional scanning equipment by our company.  This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in preserving a collection

The Al Larvick National Grant is open for submissions as of Monday, April 11th, 2016. The deadline is June 13th, 2016. 

You can apply here 

The Al Larvick Conservation Fund (ALCF), a New York based nonprofit, announces the launch of its national moving image conservation and digital transfer grant, which opens for applications Monday, April 11th, 2016.

The Al Larvick National Grant offers an annual award of up to $5,000 in cash and services, to one or more applicants. Grant money is to be applied to the preservation of cultural histories through conservation, education and the public accessibility of home and amateur audiovisual media.

Al Larvick Conservation Fund’s grant program gives two annual awards, the Al Larvick North Dakota Grant and Al Larvick National Grant. These opportunities are open to individuals, as well as organizations and institutions.

Beginning operation in 2015, ALCF held a North Dakota based home movie screening workshop series this past September. The events were followed by its North Dakota State grant, awarded to two individuals, in partnership with the fund’s North Dakota sponsor, The MediaPreserve. The collections total approximately 5,500 feet of film, which capture both every day, and unique, family and community history of the Peace Garden State.

In an effort to build upon the success of its first year, the fund will work in partnership with Pro8mm, its national grant sponsor, to host a Los Angeles area event later this year. ALCF will also collaborate with local partners and its 2015 grantees in North Dakota this fall to host the state’s first Home Movie Day and hold personal archiving workshops.

ALCF holds public events for the purposes of broadening appreciation and understanding of home and amateur works as valuable historical, cultural and genealogical documents. Education being key to conservation and accessibility, the fund hosts live events and is planning future web-based workshops. This year ALCF will begin recording oral histories in connection with its conserved materials.

As Rhonda Vigeant, Owner Pro8mm and Home Movie Legacy, says, “Home Movies are a valuable family treasure that holds our stories, lives and traditions… They are our legacy for future generations.”

Al Larvick Conservation Fund National Grant for Scanning Home Movies now accepting applications

Al Larvick Conservation Fund National Grant for Scanning Home Movies now accepting applications

“Many home movies reside in family residences. Media captured on dated formats can be intimidating,” said Kirsten Larvick, Founder and Executive Director of ALCF. “Because viewing such movies on older consumer projectors and decks holds some risk of damage, or the transfer process is confusing, materials often remain neglected. Additionally, once they’ve been digitized, owners may unknowingly receive low quality transfers, or are unaware of how to manage their assets. ALCF aims to increase awareness of these technical challenges and reduce the mystery behind them, making analog and digital care second nature for the average home movie owner and custodian. We are a work-in-progress, so we are listening to people and making adjustments to our approach as we go. We want the process to be easy, informative and most of all, fun.”

Larvick further states, “We hope the fund will build on and support the growing attention given to home and amateur works in recent years, largely due to organizations such as Center for Home Movies. The fund exists to aid individuals who want to rediscover their analog media and also for organizations, which due to budget restrictions, need additional resources to make more of their collections accessible.

The Al Larvick Conservation Fund works in collaboration with its sponsors, Home Movie Legacy, The MediaPreserve and Pro8mm, as well as partners the State Historical Society of North Dakota, Center for Home Movies, Barnes County Historical Society and Bonanzaville. ALCF is fiscally sponsored by IndieCollect, a program of the Laboratory for Icon & Idom, Inc.

The Al Larvick Conservation Fund was inspired by home movie enthusiast, Al Larvick, who documented many of his family, professional and community activities after receiving an 8mm film camera from his son, Rockne, during the 1950’s. This began a lifetime love of capturing the everyday. Al and his wife Ethel were longtime residents of North Dakota State.

For further information about the Al Larvick Conservation Fund and to apply for an Al Larvick National Grant, visit

Al Larvick Conservation Fund | | 646.797.3295 | PO Box 302, New York, NY 10024

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