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Pro8mm Now Blogging on WordPress

When I started blogging about my company Pro8mm last year, I expected that people would be interested in reading what I had to say.  Curent informnation about Super 8 is somewhat scarce.   There does not seem to be many people  or companeis with the experience of  Pro8mm   offering up fresh information about Super 8 film, processing, cameras, or scanning to HD in native 1080.  Much of what I read in chatrooms and forums is incorrect, or atleast  partially incorrect.   I find that the  whole chatroom thing on   and  with Super8 threads seem to be more of a battle of the self-appointed authorities than up to date  and current information that filmmakers can actually use.   I know all about my competitors products and services,  what they say they do (but often do not) , what kind of equipment hey have, and what they say about Pro8mm to position themselves as the better vendor.   So, we have opted to bow out, because we just have too much integrity to play that game, and  much to the dismay of some of our good friends and supporters who say we should “defend ourselves” .    We feel that Giles Perkins, who started   5 years ago, is on the right track, and does a FANTASTIC job of of getting really good info out to those who need it .  If more poeple blogging about Super 8 would follow his lead, all filmmakers would be better off.  In the end, that is who is hurt by half  truths, posturing, etc. 

I looked at today and found out that their has not been a book written about Super 8 Film making  for sale to the general public since 1981.  While we do have another blog, ( , I just do not have much of a readership.  Maybe it is because I could not get  Pro8mm (it was taken).  Anyway, I am going to renew my commitment to a daily blog.  As inventors of Super 8 negative film and Max 8, a 16 x 9 widescreen format, we are really excited to share with the next generation of filmmakers the success stories of the thousands of  projects that have been shot on Super 8 film through Pro8mm.  We hope these will inspire you you pick up a super 8 camera, some super 8 film and start shooting.  If you have not already done so, check us out at .  Tomorrow look for my 8 Tips for Shooting Modern Super 8.

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