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Pro8mm Now Announces Teleseminars!

Pro8mm is now lauching teleseminars! Our first one will be next Wednesday, December 8 at 4:30pm Pacific (7:30pm Eastern.)

Attendees will learn how they can learn about film, shoot film and make their movie projects more unique on a budget.

Pro8mm’s Phil Vigeant, Super 8 expert and author of “The Power of Super 8 Film, Insider Secrets Every Filmmaker Should Know,” will take you on a journey through the evolution of Super 8 and teach you his secret tips about how The Power of Super 8 Film has been the foundation for some of thebiggest film careers in Hollywood.

No digital plug in can do what real film can do.  If you want a real film look youhave to use real film; but you don’t have to use large, expensive film equipment and stock to get these looks. With the right advice and guidance, film can be used very inexpensively and add aesthetic value to any video or digital production project.

By attending this seminar you will learn:

  • When super 8 is handled correctly it can be used to produce professional looking film images.
  • Exactly what equipment you need to get started on shooting film TODAY, and how to buy it with inexpensive components.
  • How to combine inexpensive cameras with small quantities of small film stock with million dollar scanning technology and digital process to cost effectively create these looks.
  • How to get the “big budget” look of film with the “small budget” film medium -Super 8.
  • How to make films the “Hollywood Way.” Make it look expensive but not BE expensive!

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