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Pro8mm makes a Guest Appearance on A&E’s #1 Show Storage Wars

 Press Release – April 26, 2013

Storage Wars

On Tuesday, April 23rd Pro8mm, the Super 8 film experts for production and legacy footage made a guest appearance on A&E’s #1 ranked non-fiction show, Storage Wars.

Watch the Episode Here: The PA Stays in the Picture

Now in it’s 4th season on the ‘Real Life. Drama’ network A&E, Storage Wars follows a team of professional bidders who purchase abandoned storage units. The goal is to turn the entire unit into a series of single profitable items, but also to be the most profitable buyer among a competing team of bidders. As the buyers sift through merchandise of little to no value, they search for single items that may be of extreme rarity and worth. Then the buyers approach businesses and individuals who are experts in that particular field to evaluate the products value.

Two men from Storage Wars

When “The Collector” Barry Weiss and his pinch bidder Adam found a box of old photographic equipment in a locker, Storage Wars immediately approached Pro8mm for a guest spot on the show.

The Pro8mm experts on camera were sales manager Scott Sawyer, and owner Philip Vigeant.

The Pro8mm experts on camera were sales manager Scott Sawyer, and owner Philip Vigeant.

Scott has been selling Super 8 cameras and super 8 film for over 7 years and has worked with many of Pro8mm’s high-profile clients including J.J Abrams, James Franco and Giovanni Ribisi.

Owner Philip Vigeant has been pushing Super 8 to its maximum potential for over 40 years. His company (originally called Super8Sound) invented products such as Super 8 negative film, Max 8 (a 16 x 9 super 8 format) and crystal sync sound that allow super 8 to be a viable production medium.

Inside Barry’s locker was a Beaulieu 6008 super 8 camera, 2 Nizo super 8 cameras, 2 Gaf super 8 cameras, a splicer, 4 instamatic 35mm still cameras, 1 Polaroid camera, 3 camera lens and a photo enlarger. The majority of the Super 8 film cameras had water damage or missing parts, decreasing the value of the overall box.  Had the cameras been in working condition, the value would have been higher.

Special Thanks

The production company, Original Productions, also rented a super 8 camera and bought a 4-roll super 8 film package to shoot a special segment during the episode. They rented one of Pro8mm’s Pro814 Super 8 cameras, and shot 4 rolls of Pro8/07 250D and Super 8/66 B&W Tri-X Super 8 film. The Super 8 film ran during the end credits, acting as ‘Barry’s Movie’ and features Barry himself, Adam, and auctioneer conductors Dan and Laura Dotson. The characters danced, painted, and enjoying the Super 8 lifestyle.

The episode aired Tuesday, April 23, 2013, but can be watched online for free at a&

Click here to watch the episode: The PA Stays in the Picture

Last year, “Storage Wars” ranked as A&E’s number one series among adults aged 18-49 and 25-54 and the number three non-fiction show on cable among adults aged 25-54. The series’ third season averaged 4.2 million total viewers. “Storage Wars” is produced by Original Productions, a Fremantle Media Company for A&E Network. (source: A&




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