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Pro8mm Legacy Boxes Have Arrived!

Pro8mm has designed a custom Home Movie Legacy Box that is the perfect place to safeguard your Super 8 and 16mm Films. The box is a perfect 8 1/2 inch square constructed of a heavy cardboard, with an attached lid.  We have sized it so it hold up to 12, 400 foot super 8 reels, which equals 96 50' spools of super 8 or 6 400' cores of 16mm.

Super 8 reels or 16mm cores.   This system allows you to easily identify the contents when you utilize the white spaces on the side of the film box to write metadata. There is also space on the back panel of the box to write additional notes. 

In order to safeguard your film and prevent deterioration of the material, we recommend that you store your legacy box keep in the center of your home where the temperature is the most constant (65 degrees is ideal)  and away from threat to water damage. 

The Pro8mm Legacy Box It is the perfect hight and depth to fit on a shelf.   The box is included free of charge for all archival scanning orders over $500, or can be purchase on our website for $24.99 each.

Pro8mm Legacy Box

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