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Pro8mm Introduces The Super 8 Film Kit A Modern Analog Filming Experience That is Sustainably Cool!


A Modern Analog Filming Experience That is Sustainably Cool!

What do you get when you meld the past into the present? The future. So put down your smart phone and log-out of Facebook for a second. I want to tell you a story about 100-year old motion picture technology that you can use today to create your own mini Hollywood movie.  Here’s how it works:

1)     Find a super 8 camera- Manufactured from 1965 -1985, used Super 8 cameras are readily available on eBay, at garage sales, or your parents or grandparents may still have one. If you don’t want to go that route, you can get a restored Super 8 camera from

2)     Pick up a Super 8 film Kit – The kit is a modern experience for shooting Super 8 film. It includes a cartridge of film, lab processing and digital scanning.

3)     Movies go beyond the image to tell a story – Turn your camera on, focus the lens, and pop in the cartridge to shoot a movie. Enjoy that retro sound as the frames transport through the camera. Each cartridge has 50 feet of film, which will give you a movie that is 3 min. 20 seconds.

4)     Mail – Use the enclosed mailer in your film kit  (already addressed and stamped) to send the film to our Burbank Lab where we will process and transfer it to a digital file.

5)     Wait for the magic – Analog isn’t instant, which is part of the fun! Your analog film images will be processed and scanned on professional motion picture equipment and sent back to you via email as data files.

6)     Surprise! Open your gifts – Now you can turn on your computer to download the data files and enjoy what you created. Use modern technology to edit the film, upload to You Tube, share on Facebook and more.

7)     Share- Share your final film on our website and be part of our growing analog community.

8)     Curate – The original film, which we snail mail back to you as your permanent analog record. Store and ignore in a cool dry place so your descendants can see it 100 years from now. Film is the only proven archival medium!

Tech Talk:  The Super 8 Film Kit is made from the same 35mm motion picture film used today to create feature films, music videos, commercials, TV shows and more.  This type of film produces amazing results over a wide range of exposure and conditions. The Super 8 Film Kit is intended for users who want to explore the fundamentals of film technology.

MSRP:  $88.88

The Super 8 Film Kit will be available September 1. We are currently taking pre-orders for the holiday season

Fro 8 Film

Film Stocks:  Choose a kit based on where you want to shoot


Color (200 ASA Tungsten)

Bright Sun   (50 ASA Daylight)

Low Light    (500 ASA Tungsten)


About Pro8mm: Pro8mm, the leading experts and innovators of the Super 8 Film Format for over 40 years is meeting market demand for alternative analog image capture with the launch of their Super 8 Film Kit.  Our global community of filmmakers and fans include a diverse group of users. From creators of Hollywood Blockbusters such as Argo and Super 8, music and fashion icons such as Beyonce and Billabong, Indie filmmakers, extreme sports athletes, lifestyle filmmakers, documentarians, wedding videographers and more – Super 8 is still sustainably cool among a wide group of analog activists.

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