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Pro8mm Introduces the Rhonda CAM Deluxe


An American Restoration of a classic Super 8 Film Camera

With the growing popularity of the trendy Super 8 film Rhonda CAM, Pro8mm introduces their second consumer-friendly

Rhonda Deluxe CamSuper 8 film camera, the Rhonda CAM Deluxe!

“We have been overwhelmed with the positive energy we have received since the release of the original Rhonda CAM in June 2012. Because of its growing popularity (now also available at the trendy retail store, Urban Outfitters, ), I saw a need to diversify the Rhonda CAM line with another in-expensive consumer-friendly Super 8 film camera that produces incredible results,” says Phil Vigeant, owner of Pro8mm.

More than a retro throw back with a modern look; The Rhonda CAM & Rhonda CAM Deluxe are calibrated to work with modern color negative super 8 film stocks.  Rhonda CAM’s are restored at Pro8mm’s Burbank, California facility by expert film camera technicians, and updated for proper take up torque, lens collimation and exposure calibration.

While similar to the original Rhonda CAM in size and style, the Rhonda CAM Deluxe is restored from a Canon 514 XL, and has a few more sophisticated features. The Rhonda Cam Deluxe has the ability to shoot at 9fps (as well as 18fps), has an F stop scale in the viewfinder with the ability to lock a given exposure, split screen focusing, a locking ring in the diopter adjustment and a larger zoom range than the original Rhonda Cam. The Rhonda CAM Deluxe comes in a variety of trendy skins in an assortment of colors and patterns. Pro8mm now also has the ability to create custom skins for clients upon request.

Pro8mm also has a special Super 8 film workflow designed specifically for use with the Rhonda CAM or other Super 8 cameras intended for consumer use, called the ‘Rhonda Roll.’ “We recognize that with the end of color reversal film, consumers need an in-expensive way to work in super 8 film format. The Rhonda Roll combines Super 8 film, processing, HD scanning and internet delivery for a fantastic modern Super 8 film experience at a great price.”

The Rhonda Roll Super 8 Film workflow (super 8 film, processing, HD scanning, internet delivery) sells for $88.88

The Rhonda Cam Deluxe sells for $495.00.

Rhonda Deluxe Cam

Rhonda CAM Deluxe Features:

  • Custom skin apperance in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Power/Manual zoom
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Petite Size (7″ x 4.5″ x 1 3/4″)
  • Light weight body, weights less than 1 pound
  • Auto exposure with a range of ASA
  • Built in Canon 9-45mm zoom lens
  • F1.4-32 auto controlled aperture
  • F stop scale in the viewfinder with the ability to lock a given exposure
  • Split screen focusing
  • A locking ring in the diopter adjustment

For More information about the Rhonda CAM Deluxe, contact info@pro8mm, Ph: 818-848-5522 or  watch a Rhonda CAM Video on You Tube!

Rhonda Cam Deluxe

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