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New Pro8/03 ASA 50 Daylight Negative Vision 3 Filmstock



50D  –  the Super-8 that tops the stops!

Says Curt: “Imagine being able to buy a Super-8 film stock with 14 (yes, fourteen) stops of latitude, and still be within the area of the finest of grain structure?”

Well, look no further because Pro 8mm, in conjunction with mighty Kodak have rolled out their first batches of what is called ‘Pro8/03’. It’s the very latest Super 8 stock produced from Kodak’s new Vision 3 colour negative emulsion!

The new 50D Colour Negative Film is the latest addition to the Vision 3 family, with improved colour reproduction for more natural skin tones, colour consistency across the exposure scale, and extended highlight detail. And what’s more they make the claim that is still the word’s finest film grain stock.

So confident are they of its quality that they, Kodak, have sent the company of ‘Pro 8mm’; a special survey for use by their clients who choose to test the new stock before it officially hits the market. So much so, that this has encouraged this company to make a very special introductory offer of a test roll which includes both processing and HD scanning. That’s just so you can tell them what you think!

This means that, if you’re amongst their first twenty-four customers to try this stock out you’ll benefit from a special discounted price. Now surely that’s an offer no Super-8 user can refuse?

You can find out more by clicking on this button link,

but I imagine that you’ll need to get in fast for that special offer!

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