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New Black and White Processing at Pro8mm lends to a New School of Thought about Old School Black and White Film

New Processing for Black & White Film

Pro8mm Reversal Film
Black and White Hi Con ASA 10

Pro8mm is incredibly excited about our new black & white processing machine that is up and ready to roll.  The new machine is dedicated to black and white reversal Super 8, Regular 8, 16mm and Super 16 film. This upgrade is part of our major lab renovation project, and will significantly increase the quality we can offer from these films.     If you have not tried  black and white in a while, now is the time.  We have just LOWERED OUR PRICES on both Tri-X and our Pro8mm 8/66 to $25 a roll for stock and processing.  We are introducing a  “TRIP SHIP” mailer for $40.  This is to cover us sending  the film to you, prepaid postage to send it back to us for processing, and then return shipping by us once we process the film.

Along with the  all new pricing for black and white film & processing, we are also introducing some discount transfer packages to Hi-Definition.  Along with processing Kodak’s reversal stocks , Pro8mm also offers some of its own unique reversal black & white films, including the unique  Hi-Con  Super8/63 with an ASA of 10!

Black & White reversal film stocks have always been a favorite of film programs that teach “Old School” film methods like cutting on film. It is an opportunity for students to do hands-on exercises with real motion picture film.   Because these films where handled by students the perfection of the processing was not considered to be that critical.  Today we are seeing more and more demand for the professional use of these black and white film stocks for projects that want to capture the unique aesthetic these reversal film has to offer digital production.

Most of us remember the classic black and white Super 8 commercials and music videos such as the Nike “Revolution Spot” and Paula Abdul’s music video “Straight Up” and Madonna’s “Erotica”.  These are just a few of examples of the classic staying power of this black and white reversal material.  More recently, these stocks have  been used in contemporary projects for the musician Beck, and commercial television campaigns for NASCAR.

Scanning these stocks to Hi-Definition is a unique blend of old and new technologies.  The rich look and textures of reversal film materials with the amazing display and manipulation of digital technology.

Pro8mm will be offering a daily run of black & white.  In addition, special service such as push and pull processing and special runs will also available.

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