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Meet Sprocket! Pro8mms Virtual Assistant

Meet Sprocket!

The Newest Member of the Pro8mm Team

Have you met Sprocket? Sprocket is the newest member of the Pro8mm team; a virtual assistant designed to make the complexities of Post Production film easy enough for everyone to enjoy. Pro8mm has over 40 years of film production experience. Every year we handle thousand of job with millions of unique workflows and requests.  We have put that knowledge together in an automated process to give you a modern film experience.

How it works

Have you been using an App to order take out food lately? I'm sure you have, because the food industry has done a phenomenal job of making it easy to order and customize anything off their menu, calculate the price, select delivery and pay, all from the ease of your computer of phone. So think about Pro8mm's Digital Mastering Form going into an app like that. A place where you can choose your processing options, scanning workflow, turn around time, how we are delivering the file to you and pay, all in an App from your computer. In a nut shell, that is what Sprocket can do. 

Access the Sprocket app from the Pro8mm website on your computer or phone. There are 2 distinct portals; one for customers with Prepaid Pro8mm Packages Returning a Pre-Paid Pro8mm Package (order number and email required) and the other if you purchased your film elsewhere and are looking for Pro8mm Processing & Scanning and Logistics, Returning Any Super 8 or 16mm Film for Process & Scan.

Select the number of rolls of film you want to return for process and scan, and then you will jump into a series of options including processing schedule, customer processing options like Push and Pull,  and a variety of film Prep & File options for keeping film and files organized. After Processing, you will move into the various scanning options; everything from simple Basic scans in MP4 to Production scans in ProRes and even Ultimate using our new 6.5K scanner. Choose from a variety of different codecs, frame rates and framing options such as Matted or Overscan. 

The last section will address how we are getting those files to you. Options include sent over the internet or put onto a hard drive. We can ship it to you, or maybe you want to pick it up in store or curbside at our Burbank retail store. We also have new options for Physical Storage of your film in our new cold room, and file storage for up to 1 year.  We can recycle your film if you want us to. 

When you have completed making all your selections, Sprocket will give you a running tab so that you know exact how much each choice will cost. You can pay and checkout with Sprocket just like you do on our website.

Behind the Scenes

Sprocket use some advanced mathematic formulas to calculate everything from file sizes based on your codec and size choices (think Pro8mm File Size Calculator)  to cost of services such as scanning down to the accuracy of the frame, to shipping cost using Shopify logistics or USPS and FEDEX.  You are in control every step of they way. This means not only can Sprocket quote you exactly what you need, but can tell you how much and when and how it will be delivered with a portal for you to make your payment. 

Once you have completed your Sprocket order, simply print it or give us your Sprocket order # with your film via drop off or ship it in. Process & Scan times should be even faster when you use Sprocket, because we already have everything we need from you, and you don't have to wait for us to send you a quote to approve or a payment link to pay. 

Pro Tip! You can use Sprocket not only for an actual job but if your trying to budget your post production. Use Sprocket as a Budget Calculator.   Film Post has never been this easy!

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