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May Newsletter 2021


May News from Pro8mm

We will be closed Monday, May 31st in observance of Memorial Day! Film dropped off Friday will be processed on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please allow extra time for turn around next week!

New Camera Diagnostics Program

Its been many years since we've revamped our camera repair program and we felt it was time for a change. With so many customers asking "I just want to make sure my camera works", the end game is really about knowing what your camera can and cannot do. We've updated our program to be more focused on the diagnostics- Does it Run? Does it Transport Film? Does it Focus?

Check out our 2 new product listings for Canon and Beaulieu camera diagnostics.

New Camera Rental Process

Super 8 Camera Rentals are back! We've been so overwhelmed building purchased cameras since the pandemic, with little to no rental business during the shut down. With productions back, rentals are in high demand! We've made the process easier for you through the website. We've also updated pricing to offer a progressive discount up to 75% off a multi-day rental!

​Rhonda Cam Deluxes can now be checked out completely online. Pro814s and the Classic Pro can be rented through our inquiry form to check for availability.

Pro8-22 is in stock! ​The Pro8-22 stock is a new B&W stock offered exclusively from Pro8mm in the Super 8 format. This high-speed camera negative film has excellent image characteristics through light and shadow, designed for outdoors or indoors. With the latitude of a negative film stock, you have more exposure range. We uniquely process it in reversal chemistry to portray that classic B&W look and have the capacity to project. Check out our recent Blog about B&W Super 8 Photography for more information.

Kid 90: A Hulu Documentary

It was the summer of 2016 that Pro8mm first started corresponding with Soleil Moon Frye, the actress who grew up on television as the adorable Punky Brewster. “I have these tapes of many famous childhood actors and actresses. Hundreds of hours of material. The material is very private and confidential. Can I rent out your scanning suite and be ensured complete privacy?” It wasn't until recently, we found out they were being used in a documentary. Read more in our latest blog,Kid 90, a Hulu Documentary | Trailer: Kid 90

Al Larvick Project

Anthology Film Archive will be offering a virtual screening featuring some of the archival collections that Pro8mm has scanned through their partnership with the Al Larvick Conservation Fund. The program has been so successful since it started streaming last week, Anthology is extending the program for 2 more weeks. Access the complete program here:

We are so proud of the transfer work we did on this, and that we can help save history by partnering with the fund.

The program is called Regional Films Through Parody and Politics.This includes footage we scanned of The Campaign Trail: The Kennedys take America, curated by Ron Merk. Donald R. Bye Home Movies. Everyday Activist: Home Movies as Political Acts, the films of Jim Hubbard, moderated by Pro8mm’s Rhonda Vigeant, who is the Board Chair for the fund and an advocate for the preservation of Home Movie Collections.

Last Chance to enter the Straight 8 Super 8 One Roll Film Festival The deadline to enter is July 8. Now in its 22nd year, this years event will be live streamed, and this is where filmmakers will see their film for the first time.

Our Pro16mm products continue to inspire our clients to push their creativity to the limits. It started with the expansion of the 16mm products and services back in 2001, when clients were looking for the same reliable resources, products and services we offered our Super 8 clients. Read about our first 16mm introduction here. The product line has been evolving these past 20 years and last year we began offering the Pro16mm Film Kit and enhanced packages.

The 16mm work our clients produce continue to blow us away. Here is yet ANOTHER amazing project from Benjo Arwas.

Gorgeous new project from the talented Benjo Arwas DOVE CAMERON by Benjo Arwas! | Schön! Magazine 40th issue in 16mm.

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

In 2020, three friends found themselves without a job and aimless. With the world screeching to a halt, the boys decided to get out of the Covid-19 chaos of Los Angeles. They brought 15 rolls of super 8mm film and documented the journey. The tale that unfolds defines Sunburnt. No Signal

No Signal Will Make You Want to Train Hop- an Article from

A moderne eyewear brand meets a vintage vibe. Love this Super 8 work for fashion brand AKILA Eyewear. Beautiful work produced by Robert C Torres.
Summer is here and this footage makes us want to hop a plane to Hawaii! Some beautiful 16mm Bolex tests from @7nine6.

Personally, I think this is what super 8 is made for. Can’t wait to finish this home movie for the sweetest family- Regan.

We couldn't agree with Regan more! We LOVE all our commercial projects, but sometimes some heartfelt home movies is what the camera calls for. This lifestyle piece is adorable from Regan Scaife, CA Photographer.

LUNYA Sleepwear | Travel Companion | May 2021 mixed media with Super 8mm from Benjo Arwas.
@absent_words getting down to the ground (literally!) for the Watson - DROWNING (Official Music Video)
Move Freely is an art house film, Shot on 16mm (procssed & scanned at Pro8mm) as a ‘one take’ it will captivate the audience through expressive dance & camera movement. Produced by Kendall Terra Sweeney, 22 year old female filmmaker who was recently signed with the agency, Adolescent Content, that represents young artists ages 15 to 25. Check out more and how you can support the film at!

Have a Pro8mm story to share? Email us or tag us on Instagram for consideration to be included in a future blog!

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