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March Newsletter

With Spring, comes the renewed excitement and anticipation of the months ahead, as we attempt to resume our lives and things continue to be much more open. Rescheduled weddings, graduations and family gatherings that we have all been longing for are the perfect events to take out your super 8 camera, grab a film kit and capture the fun! Pass around the camera, and don’t forget to let the littles give it a try! You never know who you will inspire!

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

For Pro8mm, this project has been a dream come true on so many levels! It is by far the largest use of Super 8 that we have ever seen in one project. 1,200 rolls of Super 8 film, over 250 daily process and scan rushes, three Classic Pro Cameras, and a world class legacy story that draws you in from the first frames! Read the Full Blog Here about the show and the use of Super 8 throughout the production.

And the Award Goes to: Sprocket!

On March 18th "Meet Sprocket," made for Pro8mm by the the oh so talented David Dibble won a Bronze Addy Award from the American Advertising Federation in Los Angeles. Watch the video

David Says: “LA is a high-end market and watching online as names like Paramount, Universal and Netflix were winning, it was pretty exciting that our little film with puppets, googly eyes, string and Super 8 film was recognized. Maybe it's a start to planting a flag in the area.Thank you to everyone involved! It was a fun project and it's time for sequels.”

David Dibble with a rare Red Classic Pro used in the making of Meet Sprocket

From Rhonda Vigeant - "Why Sprocket? When the pandemic started, we knew that we would have to come up with a stronger online presence. We got the idea to have a mascot for the company, (like the Geico Gecko) to personalize the online shopping experience. I knew we wanted to name it Sprocket, but had no idea how to bring the concept to life. Early prototypes were just a folded piece of film. We hired the talented David Dibble, and look what happened! He just won a bronze award from the American Advertising Federation for the creation of Sprocket! ! I feel like a proud mother!"

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

The Marfa Tapes | Now Streaming on Paramount +

Another amazing project! The Marfa Tapes from Spencer Peeples of Media, Texas Productions is now streaming on Paramount +. This documentary takes a rare glimpse inside the creative process of three Grammy award-winning country music stars, including Miranda Lambert, John Randall and Jack Ingram.
Here’s a pic of John Randall shooting super 8 of Jack Ingram. I like to hand the subjects the super camera at times to lighten the mood and give them some control and something fun to do.


Spencer says: “I use the Canon 814 the most and the film stock is usually determined by the situation. I love film. It steals the soul."

We love the use of Super 8 in this project from the trailer to the production. And of course these amazing still photos, like the one above, where both the subjects and filmmakers clearly enjoy the process of shooting Super 8!

Check out the full documentary now streaming on Paramount +!

This is Us! Episode 5, Season 6

The Pro814 makes another cameo in Episode 5, Season 6 of This is Us, along with some Super 8 processing and scanning flashback sequences of Rebecca and Kate at the piano. Purchased during Season 1, we are so happy that they have continued to use Super 8 perodically in every season! There's nothing better than shooting on real Super 8 to depict the era!

Alexa Canvas | Blueberry Rocket Studio

“I wanted to reach out and share some of my Super 8 work with you! I create surrealist Super 8 wedding videos and I pull a lot of inspiration from the film "To Be Alive" from the 1964 New York World's Fair film. I try to keep pushing the limits of my work and breaking rules where I can to make videos that are considered art pieces instead of just "wedding videos". Check out her inspiration work here!

Vans | Sam Hunter


Loving this piece for Vans by the talented @samhhhunter @sourcefilms! Sam has done several Super 8 films with us for projects such as Calvin Klein, Petal LA and several other short films. Check out her amazing work at

Sam says, "I live for capturing sweet, sweet moments on film ~ It was so fun creating with such rad organizations like, Textured Waves and Vans, for a misson based project. 'Twas an absolute dream to capture such liberated woman idols of mine :) "


Sam Hunter | Source Films

16mm Kim Kardashian | Chevy Tyler

@shootchevytyler has us ready for summer ! 🏝. Stunning 16mm for Kim Kardashians new swimwear line for Skims 💦 LOVE the vertical framing!

Film Freeway | Matt Whiting


Here are some award-winning projects from Matt Whiting! Matt says, "I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and support as I have been starting my filmmaking journey. After getting a Classic Pro a year and a half ago, I've been absolutely loving super8. I also really enjoy shooting super16 and have been so impressed with your processing and scanning. This weekend, two of my projects went to the Westflix Film Festival and did really well, winning best sound/music, best directing, and directors choice. Most importantly, I got to see super8 on the big screen at the TCL Chinese Theater, and it looked amazing! Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to many future projects with you guys."

Bad Person | Sandman

Clinton Davis "Curly Headed Woman" | Blue Grass Situation


Official music video for Clinton Davis: Curly Headed Woman from the Blue Grass Situation. Truly a beautiful piece for spring.

The Arroyos


Josh + Sam of the Arroyos create some beautiful wedding footage! "We have been shooting Super 8 and love everything about it:

the intentionality of shooting with a finite medium

• the colors, skin tones and grains

• and of course the unexpected quirks that make it something special (maybe there is a metaphor about life hidden in this)" - The Arroyos


Looking for Old Pro8mm Projects

Do you have a Pro8mm project that we should share as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration? We are currently compiling a highlights reel. If you would like your film considered for inclusion, please email We would love to check it out! THANKS!

Have a Pro8mm story to share? Email us or tag us on Instagram for consideration to be included in a future blog!

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