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Make Money and Build A Global Community of Super 8 Filmmakers – Pro8mm Launches a Customer Affiliate Partner Program

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Make Money and Build a Global Community
of Super 8 Filmmakers
Pro8mm Launches a Customer Affiliate Partner Program
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As a Pro8mm customer we know you are someone who cares about the future of film. Whether you are an active filmmaker or an analog enthusiast, we can all agree that we want to make sure film is here for the long haul so that we can continue to use it in our creative endeavors.

One thing that has kept Pro8mm a viable company for over 30 years is that we go beyond just selling services and equipment to cross-promote the medium and the filmmakers that we work with. We have Newsletters, Facebook Pages, Radio shows, Books, Trade shows, Contests, Blogs, Boot Camps, Film Festivals, Magazine Articles, Audio Seminars, Do A Shot and the list goes on. If you make something noteworthy with Super 8 film and tell us about it, our network is going to know about it too. 
We know this isn’t a one way street, and that our customers want to promote their work and the Super 8 film format as well. We see Pro8mm credits in your films, pictures of you with our cameras on Facebook, and blogs about your Super 8 work. It all leads back to promoting the future of film. 
By partnering with our customers in this way, collectively we have been able to prosper in an area where companies and filmmakers often struggle. While this informal relationship has been essential for many years, today the internet is offering a new way to cross promote. And best of all, it offers a monetary benefit to both of us.

Today, thousands of companies on the Web are using affiliate programs to help spread the word about their message.  The program allows businesses (like Pro8mm) to directly reward customers (like you) by giving you a portion of product sales when the sale comes directly from your efforts. You promote Super 8 film and we give you a cut; sweet and simple.
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Here is how the Affiliate program works:
What Do I Get As A PRO8MM Affiliate?
•    A 5% commission on every Pro8mm sale referred by you over the internet. This is done by creating a unique link to Pro8mm’s online store with your affiliate information. The link can be put on your business website, blog, Facebook page, or even in your Super 8 film videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Pretty cool, right? When a customer uses this special link to purchase something from Pro8mm’s on-line store, you earn a commission.

•    Affiliates can choose to double their commission to 10% by opting in to receive Pro8mm store credit. If you want to put your earnings towards your own filmmaking endeavors you can, and we will double the commission.

•    Unlimited earning potential

•    Fast and reliable payments every $50 you accrue

Who Can Become An Affiliate?

Anyone can become a Pro8mm Affiliate, as long as he or she:

•    Use only ethical marketing methods to promote Pro8mm. We will not tolerate anyone promoting Pro8mm using unsolicited e-mail marketing

(i.e. no “spam”.)

•    Do not use your affiliate links for your own sales. If you do this, you will be removed from the affiliate program.

How Do I Get Paid?

You will be issued a payment via Paypal or check as often as every month, as long as you’ve acquired at least $50 in commissions.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Click below and you’ll be walked through everything you need to know. Pro8mm will receive an email once you sign up, and will approve you within 24 hours. You can be making money before you go to bed tonight!

Detailed instructions how to setup your affiliate link,  click the attachment below:


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