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Jungle Cats"Great Kills": A Super 8 Music Video by Chad Corhan

We so enjoy seeing our client’s work, and this time we got a huge chuckle seeing the creative antics of filmmaker Chad Corhan with his super 8 music video for the Jungle Cats second studio album called Great Kills.

The Junglecats "Great Kills" Music Video from Chad Corhan on Vimeo.

Chad is a Director/Director of Photography for Shorts, Music Videos and Promotional Work, based in Southern California. 

In summer of 2016, Chad says he found an old Beaulieu 4008 ZMII on eBay for just under $300, which he snatched it up right away, knowing all too well that the price was too good to be true. 

“I brought the camera on a road trip through the Grand Canyon over summer and it broke down within one roll of film. Not really knowing my options, I took it to Pro8mm and they were able to get it back up to speed within a few days!” 

As part of our service to this camera, we cleaned and lubricated the camera, supplied a new battery, and recalibrate the exposure meter.

After loosing all that footage during his trip, Chad really wanted to shoot something of substance on his new camera.

He got in contact with a band he had worked with before called The Junglecats, friends of his that make great rock n' roll music with a retro vibe.  Chad thought some Super8mm images would work perfectly for the title track to their new album, GREAT KILLS.

“We were working with a really limited budget and knew that if we wanted to shoot film, we had to be real careful with our shooting ratio. We ended up shooting 6 rolls of  Pro8/07 250D color negative for the entire video. It was important for me to be able to shoot the whole project on Super8mm and not resort to shooting anything digital. With all the practical effects, rear projection and miniatures needed for the project, we knew it had to be all Super8mm or nothing. We opted for the 2K flat scan for our package which helped a lot with post stabilization and a little bit of reframing in post.”

Chad says “I look forward to using Super8mm in my upcoming projects and definitely encourage all filmmakers to shoot film! “

Please check out our video on my Vimeo page:

And The Junglecats' website: