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Join Us for the Super 8 Lifestyle Filmmaking Teleseminar

Couple with Pro8 CameraMore and more we hear filmmakers we work with say that one of the things they like best about shooting on super 8 film is the “lifestyle behind it.” So we started asking, what do you mean? What is the super 8 lifestyle?  Do you mean the lifestyle of the filmmaker who chooses super 8 or “Lifestyle Filmmaking shot on super 8 film”?After giving this some thought, we decided it is both. There is a certain type of filmmaker who defines the super 8 life style, and clearly chooses to tell stories on this medium. There are also certain life style events, that work extremly well with the 8mm format.Our next teleseminar series will focus on lifestyle filmmaking, and the qualities, attributes, skills and applications that a filmmaker must know in order to be successful at one or all of these different lifestyle applications.

Phil teaching
We will have a number of guest speakers throughout this series who are working in different genere’s of life style filmmaking every day, such as weddings, fashion, and national brands, and have become experts in their particular field.

Our first teleseminar in this series will feature Phil Vigeant, Super 8 expert and author of “The Power of Super 8 Film, Insider Secrets Every Filmmaker Should Know,” who will talk at length about the applications for Super 8 lifestyle films, and how you can take advantage of your skill and love of filmmaking to tell stories through Super 8 lifestyle images.

Please join us as we kick off this new series of teleseminars on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm Pacific (7:30pm to 8:30pm Eastern).

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