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James Franco’s REBEL Exhibit in LA – Lot’s of Super 8!

James Franco’s artistic efforts as actor/artist/curator/writer and filmmaker  has just premiered in  his exhibit Rebel at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. The exhibit features  the work of  Franco along with 8 other artists and  interprets Nicolas Ray’s 1955 classic Rebel Without a Cause — one of Franco’s very well known obsessions — through sculpture, short film, and mixed media.

Pro8mm has been working with Franco’s production company for several years now and our workflows are all over the exhibit.  The film “Cattle” shot by Franco in 2011 is a two channel Super 8 film, one 99 minutes (Playlist) and one 50 minutes (Through The Fence)Age 13, is a 30 minutes Super 8 film. Shot on a variety  Pro8mm color negative film stocks with full scene to scene HD color timing on our MII Scanner, a majority of the 12 films in the exhibit shot some super 8 as part of the project

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