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Introducing new HDR Scanning Services from Pro8mm

New HDR scanning is now available from Pro8mm.   Production or Archival footage can take advantage of this state of the art technology that allows for film to be scanned up to 4K HDR on our brand new Lasergraphics Scan Station.  Formats supported include:

  • 8mm
  • Super8mm
  • 16mm
  • Super16mm

This is a fantastic new option for production or archival footage for High Dynamic Range film scanning that improves the details in shadow areas.

What is HDR Scanning?

HDR Scanning (High Dynamic Range) is a method of getting more dynamic range from your film.  The scanner accomplishes this by scanning each frame of film twice, then compositing these onto a single digital frame. This method is a way to get more information from the shadows of your reversal or print film, and more highlights on negative film.

It won’t be long before you will watching movies in the theatre or at home HDR, and Pro8mm is aligning ourselves with this new format.

Why Is this Important?

While it can drive us batty that technology is in a constant state of evolution, HDR is the next big thing for TV’s, and HDR content is already streaming on Netflix.  As filmmakers working on new productions and archivists working with historical material, we want to be ready.

For clients scanning reversal home movies, HDR is a new option between a Log Scan and a One Light Scan.  Because the scan captures more dynamic range of reversal film it will look more like the original without the need for exposure color correction. 

EXAMPLES:  *Please note that you are not seeing the full HDR Capacity on a computer screen. A 4K HDR monitor is needed to see these optimized images.

  Sample of Super 8 legacy Ektachrome film scanned to digital in 4K UHD using a new HDR process. The scan is done by scanning each frame twice then compositing the image into a single frame.  Archived in 18P to preserve original frame rate. No post color correction.  It is hard to see the visual improvement on the VIMEO link unless you are watching in a 4K HDR monitor, but this still frame is a good representation of the improvements.
  1. Super 8 film 4K UHD HDR Scan from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo.

2. Split screen comparison between a 4K Log scan of 8mm home movies and a 4K scan with HDR. A new Scan option at Pro8mm 4K Split Screen of 8mm film scanned with and without the HDR process.


8mm film 4k Log scan vs new 4K scan with HDR . from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo.


HDR Scanning will be an option with our new studio packages which will bundle FILM, PROCESSING AND HDR SCANNING.  Look for these new packages on our on line store soon.  

HDR Scanning is available right now!  Call one of our team members for your custom quote at 818-848-5522 or email