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Holiday Savings on the Pro814 Super 8 Film Camera


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Now on Sale through December 13th
The Pro814 Super 8 Film Camera Package
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Now through December 13th we are running a special on the legendary Pro814 Super 8 camera, complete with vintage leather carrying case, light meter batteries and a 2-roll HD film package all-inclusive of film, processing, and HD scanning!

If you are looking for a reliable Super 8 Film camera or the perfect holiday gift for anyone who wants to dabble in Super 8 filmmaking, we think you have found your match!

What makes the Pro814 so special? One of the things we like most about this camera is its easy to use, but it still has some of the fundamental features that someone who is going to advance in Super 8 filmmaking would want. That includes: shooting speeds at 18fps and professional 24fps, it has auto and manual exposure, increased take up torque to handle modern film stocks, and lockable trigger for handheld or tripod use.

This camera is widely used by our wedding clients, film schools, production clients (like American Idol, Smashbox Cosmetics, Aqua Velva) and is one of our most popular camera rentals.
For a full list on the technical specifications and camera features of the Pro814 Super 8 Camera, click here: Pro814 Camera Features
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Pro814 Camera Package holiday special includes Pro814 camera, vintage leather case, 2 PX13 light meter batteries, and a 2-roll all-inclusive HD film package
On Sale Now through December 13th for $695 ($1,000 value)

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A great article that was written about the Pro814 Super 8 Camera in Super 8 Today magazine:

Making the Grade: Taking the Pro814 Movie Camera for a Test Drive
Click Below for some sample projects shot on a Pro814 Camera by our clients
by Matt Daniels / The Academy
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*Inter-cut with video. Standard Pro814 framing is 4×3.
by KT Auleta
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Directed by: KARP, DP: Christopher Ripley
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*inter-cut with digital formats. Pro814 standard framing is 4×3.
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