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Hello 2022 | 50 Years of Keeping It Reel

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably pretty tired of all the disruption in all parts of life caused by the recent Covid surge. While some of our team members were out sick, we managed to get through a couple of tough weeks and are now on the other side. We want to thank you for all your support and patience during some of the delays caused by staff shortages. Everyone is now back at the shop and ready to make it our best year yet - our 50th to be exact!

Keeping It Reel Blog Series

As we start looking back and digging into our company history as part of our 50th Year Celebration, we are excited to share with you milestones, memories and media mastery. Every few weeks there will be a new blog, highlighting things that we feel are of particular interest. If you have a piece of your own Super8Sound or Pro8mm history, project or story, please email We'd love it!

50 Years of Keeping It Reel # 1 | A Message from Phil and Rhonda Vigeant

50 Years of Keeping It Reel # 2 | In The Beginning: Harvard Professor Bob Doyle starts Super8 Sound in 1972

50 Years of Keeping It Reel # 3 | Changing of the Guard: Phil Vigeant Becomes President of Super8 Sound

Employee Milestones

We have been very fortunate to have a tech team that has stayed together for over 2 decades. 4 employees on our team have been here 20 years or more! This month, we would like to continue introducing you to some the team that has contributed significantly to our 5 decades of sustainability.

MEET MARCUS - Lab and Film Manager

When you are lucky enough to have a team member you can count on 100%, no matter how big the task, you can’t help but feel that gratitude every time you see them. Need someone to stay late for rush jobs? Marcus. Need to open on a Saturday for a celebrity client or a job that has requested after hours service due to a non-disclosure agreement? Marcus. Cover for weeks on end without a break for someone on medical leave? Marcus. Team player everyone loves? Marcus.

Marcus came up the ranks as a newbie back in February 2002, with no experience in film or to the lab world. Since day 1 he has worked extremely hard to perfect his skills, and dedicate himself to making the film processing look as good as it can. As the Film and Lab Manager, he makes sure the film inventory is plentiful, supplies are in stock, and that there are no bottlenecks in the lab work flow. He has been an exemplary employee, problem solver, and team player.

This is what Marcus has to say about his work. “I can't believe it's been 20 years. It's been amazing to be part of the growth in this company, and to work with so many great people over the years. Everyone knows that I like to keep it short and sweet, we we'll leave it at that."

New Bases for Classic Professional Super 8 Camera

Our camera techs have just upgraded the bases for the Classic Professional Super 8 Camera. These new bases are an update for the power grip - the new internal power system we developed a few years ago. The new bases are CNC and cut out of a single piece of aluminum for additional strength of the mount between the camera and the grip.

🌟Filmmaker Spotlight 🌟

Lost Horizon FYC


We were delighted to receive this press release and Vimeo link for Lost Horizon. This Super 8 project was processed and scanned at Pro8mm.

LOST HORIZON was written and directed by Catherine Corman, daughter of cinema legend Roger Corman, who also stars in the film. Long-listed for the Best Short Film Academy Award, it is the only film shot on Super 8 in awards competition this year.

When the pandemic began, Catherine and her sister Mary drove across the country to be with their family. When they got home, they read through the American Film Institute, British Film Institute, and Cahiers du Cinema lists of the 100 greatest films. Then they made their own list of the family’s hundred favorite films, and spent the year watching them together.

After seeing one hundred films, Catherine made her own. Shot at home in a used book and record store along Sunset Boulevard, the film recasts Patrick Modiano’s 1960s bohemian Paris to present day Hollywood.



Gorgeous Super 8 Wedding by Inna Yaskinska


Shot in New Orleans, LA, we love the dreamy, vintage style and music in this beautiful wedding piece by Inna Yasinska.

Jonathan Hornby: The Living Legacy...The 82nd Airborne Division

This in from Jonathan Hornby: Living The Legacy….The 82nd Airborne Division.

Jonathan, a long time client has been working for some time now producing pieces for the military. We have featured his work before, and we are delighted to share with you his current project.

"I recently finished a video project using super-8. In June I shot a roll of 50D in a Nikon R-10 Super 8 Camera, with an Isco x2 Anamorphic lens that gives the image a very wide frame, and a focusing diopter from Anamorphic Store. The film was processed and scanned with other film at the Pro8mm lab in December. You'll see that for this documentary I intercut the film with VHS archive videos, photos, and modern Sony mirrorless camera footage. I felt the wide angle super-8 footage gave a unique, timeless vibe that was appropriate for the subject matter as the story of these leaders that spanned many years while serving in the 82nd Airborne Division.” The first appearance of super-8 footage is seen at time 1:44.

In looking at this project, one of the things we love is that it shows the depth of creativity that goes into a good production. It made us think of our own early Anamorphic super 8 tests.

Over the years we have done huge amounts of work for the military, not only as promotion, but archiving personal legacies for Vets and their families. Many military personnel carried 8mm and Super 8 Cameras with them while they were deployed, and even onto the battlefield. The stories captured on these frames give us an intimate and in-depth look of military life not recorded any other way. We hope this will inspire you to find your own footage of those in your family who served. Ironically, a member from my own family was looking for a clip from his time in Japan in 1953 that he remembered we had transferred some 20 years ago. I am working with him to locate the clip on the original footage and have some photos made for him from the footage for his autobiography.

Fringe and Film Pro814 Wedding Clip

Fringe and Film posted a great wedding clip on Instagram. What a great website & business concept! They are a New England based bridal hair, makeup and film company. They love vintage as much as we do. Thanks for the close up of our Pro814 camera in the film!

REVIVAL: The Film to Bring Back Film

This in from Rebecca Matthes, Producer. We are happy to share with you a Kickstarter from Australia for a film called REVIVAL: The Film to Bring Back Film. This is a world-wide, feature-length documentary about the resurgence of the analog film phenomenon. Join the movement now. Link in @RevivalTheDocumentary bio

Have a Pro8mm story to share? Email us or tag us on Instagram for consideration to be included in a future blog!

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