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Filmmaker Focus: OTHERSIDE Takes Super 8 Award at Slamdance

 Filmmaker Focus: OTHERSIDE Takes Super 8 Award at Slamdance

Filmmaker Focus: OTHERSIDE Takes Super 8 Award at Slamdance

Filmmakers Steve Darby and Tyler Winther talked with us about how a Pro8mm 8 Roll Film Package got them motivated to make a film for the Kodak Super 8 Film Challenge. They ended up as finalist with a coveted screening at the Slamdance Film Festival  in Park City, a showcase (during Sundance)  for innovative filmmaking that focuses of emerging artists.   As a result they are getting new opportunities everywhere!

Steve and Tyler have formed Conscious Content, a company that tells stories based on real life situations but with fictional character.  The point is to get the audience engaged to think and make a conscious decision as a story unfolds, as there are two sides of every story.

THE FILM: OTHERSIDE is set in Los Angeles in the 1970’s.  A teenage boy desperate to get his family out of poverty turns to crime in hopes of making enough money to give them a better life.

On the “other side”, a rookie cop is trying to make a name for himself fresh out of the academy. The two forces meet and in the aftermath, each side must face the consequences of violence.

Steve says, “Our film explores this conflict from both sides by showing the legitimate motivations that drive both criminals and police officers alike”.

In an interview with Rhonda Vigeant, Tyler explains that what he wanted to bring out in his writing is that not all criminals are bad, not all cops are good.  There are multiple perspectives to a story.

Shot on Super 8 Film with an Original 1972 Canon 814 Camera and an 8 roll film/process/scan package from Pro8mm, the original 12 minute film had to be edited to 5 minutes to fit into the contest rules for the  Kodak Super 8 Film Challenge.

One of the things that really made this film stand out especially in the Kodak Super 8 film challenge, is that it had sync sound.  Steve says that their sound editor, Bishop was amazing, eliminating the camera noise that you often hear with Super8 Sound.

About The Crew:

Steve Darby, DP for OTHERSIDE. Born in Boston, he has had a love of film since the 2nd grade.  He created simple movies until the 5th grade when after discovering Apple’s iMovie began shooting and editing a variety of different projects.  Steve has taken every class from middle school to high school having anything to do with film studies, even teaching his fellow classmates.  He attended the New York Film Academy program and the NYU Summer Film Program.  Recently he graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts with a B.F.A. in Film where he spent second semester of junior year in Prague, Czech Republic at FAMU International.

Tyler Winther wrote, co-directed, and produced OTHERSIDE, an indiegogo funded short film that premiered at SLAMDANCE 2016. 

His First Short, KENZIE, is expecting a digital release this Spring on CRYPT TV. Tyler currently works as a freelance Writer/ Director and Producer.  Raised by a family of filmmakers, he comes from a strong physical production background, which is complimented by his work in creative development at Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and New Regency Productions. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Blake Reading – Producer

Rob Dextradeur – Producer

Terah “Bishop” Woodley II – Sound Mixing

Jon O’Hara – Original Score

Both Steven and Tyler are committed to continue shooting on film. They do not buy into the argument that film is too expensive.   “The art of shooting on Super 8 is not an easy one,” says Darby.  “But Super 8 is very forgiving, and if you screw up, you can usually figure out a way to fix it.  Don’t be intimidated.  If you mess up, just keep shooting, and as you gain experience, you will improve your results.”

© Rhonda Vigeant, Pro8mm, 2/16/16


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